Can Diabetics Eat Chikki

Chikkis are made up of different ingredients and come in lots of different flavours. They are high in sugar and can increase the blood sugar levels for people with diabetes and if not eaten in proper quantity they can be lethal.

This snack is mostly available in India and other parts of the world as well. Its made of peanuts and jaggery and there are various chikkis available in different forms.

Peanuts are a healthy option to include for people with diabetes but they should always be more careful of the amount they consume in one go or in one day cause they can quickly increase the fat and blood sugar levels in the body.

Chikki is the type of snack which is a bit addictive because of its sweet and crunchy and crispy taste and it becomes almost impossible to stop after one point of time so diabetics should be cautious while consuming it.

Is Peanut Chikki Good for Diabetics

Peanuts are a good source of protein and they also increase the blood sugar levels with time. Peanuts have a glycemic index of 14 which is considered low and is a good option for diabetics.

is peanut chikki good for diabetics

When a diabetes patient is having low levels of blood sugar then they can munch on some chikkis so that their sugar levels become normal. If you are suffering from hypoglycaemia then you and indulge in consuming some chikkis.

Suppose you are exercising regularly and having proper rest and following a proper diet then consuming a small piece of chikki would be a good idea.

Mostly if your sugar levels are high then you should totally avoid eating chikki or as a matter of fact avoid any sugar-based item.

Groundnut Chikki Benefits

  1. They help in keeping the heart healthy with all the healthy fats in it.
  2. They are perfect for your brain.
  3. It helps in weight loss.
  4. It fights stress and anxiety.
  5. Helps in improving the quality of hair and skin.

Is Jaggery Safe for Diabetics

An ideal diet for people with diabetes is to have food which has a low glycemic index and jaggery glycemic index is very high and hence it is better to avoid it as it’s not safe for diabetics.

It is a healthier alternative to sugar and people without diabetes can use this alternative in their diet.

Glycemic index of jaggery is 84.1 which is very high and should be avoided by diabetics.




Chikkis is a well-known snack in India and is also available in other parts of the world. The nutritious peanut chikki is known for its nutritional profile.

It also has a lot of vitamins in it and a tiny piece is a good option for diabetics when their sugar levels are low.

It’s a very addictive food and having control over yourself and not having more than the recommended quantity is crucial or else you can get in trouble by consuming a lot of it.

We have answered the questions can diabetics eat chikki in detail and hope you make a conscious decision when consuming chikki or any other sugar-based food.

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