Is Subway Good for Diabetics

Fast-food is known to contain a high amount of carbs, fat, and sugar, which is why diabetes patients are advised to avoid fast food. However, Subway diabetic fast food has a lot of benefits as it is convenient, has a great taste, and has consistent quality. 

Subway fast-food is the best option when going on a road trip or traveling to a farther location or when stuck in an airport.

Subway diabetic fast food is good for diabetes if they make abetter choice. As much as there are fries, burgers, grilled chickens, and high carbs food at various restaurants, diabetics must get the ones that fit into their diet and support their healthy living. 

A diabetes patient can eat a subway sandwich as subway creates bread from whole wheat. It is advisable to go also for 9-grain wheat bread that is diabetic-friendly.

Subway offers its customers with options that can meet their dietary needs and fit into their health plan. Subway also has a diabetics-friendly menu that fits perfectly into a well-balanced diabetic diet. 

In controlling carbohydrate intake, Subway diabetic fast food provides a diabetes-friendly menu consisting of a lower carbohydrate, fat alternatives, and sodium. 

Our body also processes food differently, more reasons why carbohydrate is hazardous to diabetics as it can spike up the blood sugar level. The ideal bread choice to go for at Subway is the 9-grain bread that is the most diabetic-friendly option.

Diabetes patients should stay away from Subway cookies. As tempting as the cookies can be, they are dangerous to diabetics’ health and are high in carbs and sugar. 

sandwich wraps for diabetics

Subway diabetics fast food is a good option for diabetes patients. Be more informed on what to order for, and remember to check your blood sugar level after every meal, it will make it easier for you to know the food that is good for your health and the one that is not. 

There are so many Subway diabetics fast food that fit into your diabetes diet, and ensure you choose meals that are; low in carbs and cholesterols, high in protein, low in saturated fats, has fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals.


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Subway gives a nutritional break down for its menu for convenience use for customers. Cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches are good, fruits instead of cookies, pies, and ice cream is a perfect pick for diabetics. 

When eating your sandwich, eat only half of the bread and add much salad to it, you can also look for lean proteins such as chicken or cheese instead of meatballs, filling your food with vegetables helps to keep calories down. Diabetics should stay away from oversize portions, desserts, and sugary things when ordering or eating at a Subway fast-food restaurant.

Here are some of the tips to follow when choosing Subway diabetics fast food meal;

  • Check out the nutrition menu before you order 
  • Plan ahead of time before you visit or order, know the next meal that fits into your diabetic diet.
  • Avoid fried and starchy meal
  • Add green salads or raw vegetables to your meal plan
  • Go for grilled, baked and roasted food not fried, breaded or battered
  • Go for whole-grain bread and skip normal bread if possible.
  • Dress your food by the side with low-calorie recipes like mustard, salsa, and hot sauce
  • Always eat in small portion sizes and avoid consuming a large number of calories

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