Is Himalayan Salt Good for Diabetics


The number of patients who have diabetes is increasing every day. Diabetes doesn’t let the body produce adequate blood sugar. 

If you do not care about your Diabetes correctly, then it can lead to various serious diseases. Many types of Diabetes can occur. Diabetes can also make a person overweight and lazy. 

The doctors generally refer diabetic patients to a dietitian or nutritionist. And the nutritionist advises the patient to take balanced diet. Now the question is Himalayan salt good for diabetics? 

Before answering the question, we would first like to discuss whether any salt is good for diabetic patients or not. 

The diabetes patients are advised not to eat sugary food items, such as sweets, chocolates, sweetened beverages, and much more. 

Diabetic patients should not eat trans fats, white bread, pasta, flavoured yoghurt, coffee drinks, agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, and dried fruits. There are so many things that diabetic patients shouldn’t consume.  

But what about salt? Is Himalayan salt good for diabetics? 

Diabetes patients can consume salt as salt has zero effect in blood sugar level of a human body. But they must also not take too much salt because too much salt can hurt your blood pressure. 

Can Himalayan Salt raise blood sugar? 

As mentioned above, salt doesn’t harm the human body, but you should consume salt in a limit. Coming to the kind of salt, then diabetic patients should consume pink salt as it consists of added minerals. But pink salt doesn’t contain iodine which is an essential element for the body.

Reducing the salt intake would be good for your health and may prevent you from the risk of heart diseases because diabetes and heart disease show a correlation to each other. Increased intake of sodium is a prime cause for heart diseases. 

How much sodium should a diabetic have a day?

Sodium is a vital element and an average human needs around 2300 mg of sodium every day. A diabetic patient needs to consume less sodium due to risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

So, they should consume less than 2300 mg of sodium in a day. Pink Himalayan salt only has 1700mg of sodium, while table salt has 2000-2300 mg of sodium. Therefore, it’s better to consume pink Himalayan salt as compared to other types of salt. 


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Is pink Himalayan salt better than sea salt 

Himalayan salt is excavated from the Himalayan region and is originally pink in colour. Many people believe that pink salt is healthier as compared to regular salt because pink Himalayan salt consists of loads of minerals and has several health benefits. 

Just like Table salt, pink salt consists of Sodium Chloride. Pink salt has more than 84 different minerals in it and has many dietary benefits. If you cook your food with pink Himalayan salt, then it would not only be healthy but will taste good as well. 

How to consume Himalayan salt? 

You can begin a day with a glass of water and Himalayan salt. 

If you have the problem of the sore throat, then you can soak your throat in it as well. 

Cooking your food in Himalayan salt is the best option. 

Where does Himalayan salt come from? 

Himalayan salt is uprooted from the Himalayan foothills. Pink Himalayan salt is present in abundant amount in the Punjab region of Pakistan. A few people describe pink Himalayan salt is the purest salt that exists on earth. 

It is healthy, beneficial and has rich mineral content. It may be present in other countries, but Pakistan is famous for it. Khewra salt mine is a popular place from where Himalayan salt is available. 

Does Himalayan salt have plastic in it? 

No, Himalayan salt is pure salt and as compared to another salt Himalayan salt doesn’t consist of plastic, additives or any other harmful chemicals. Pink Himalayan salt is relatively healthy for humans, and if it had plastics, then how would it be healthy. 

Himalayan salt is more is instinctive in comparison with table salt as it doesn’t include artificial elements. You can cook your food using pink Himalayan salt, just like how you cook food using table salt. Aside from treating Diabetes, pink Himalayan salt can improve your skin and can treat sore muscles. 

Pink salt has various essential elements, such as calcium, potassium, Strontium, and Molybdenum.

Himalayan pink salt can regulate your blood sugar, reduce the signs and symptoms of ageing, improves your sleep quality, and can balance the PH of your body. 


Researchers have not yet found out whether the pink Himalayan salt is better than table salt or not. But you can’t ignore its health benefits. 

Diabetic patients can consume pink salt, but they must take it in a limit because an excess of anything can cause severe health problems. We will suggest you to not consume more than 2000mg or one teaspoons of pink salt in a day. 

If you take only 1000mg of pink salt, then your blood pressure would be expected. 

Well, aside from consuming less amount of salt, you must also try to change your lifestyle to treat Diabetes. You should consume fresh fruits, drink a lot of water, and fresh vegetables. 

Doing meditation can also help. Losing weight is quite vital in Diabetes as it will help you regulate your blood sugar level. You can try the Keto diet for losing weight as well.

Last of all, exercises are most important because they will help you lose weight and beat Diabetes. 

You can do simple exercises like walking in the morning or other workout. But if you opt for intense activities, the result would be better. 

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