Is Curd Rice Good for Diabetics

Curd rice is well known to be a healthy meal to eat when you have indigestion. It helps to reduce bloating and diarrhea. Probiotic found in Curd rice which helps to restore microbial balance. 

Curd rice for diabetics striving towards maintaining their blood sugar and prevents them from having heart diseases that are common to diabetes patients.

Curd rice helps diabetics in many ways, the probiotics in curd aids in fighting against diseases in the body. It is also called yoghurt rice and contains magnesium and potassium that reduces the possibility of stomach pains and premenstrual cramps. 

glycemic index of curd rice

A good diabetes meal should consist of fiber foods, low cholesterol, and protein. 

The first thing diabetics should check when you want to eat rice is the glycemic index score. The Glycemic index score of different kinds of food differs. The score ranges from zero to a hundred and indicates how the blood sugar is being affected. 

A glycemic score of 100 increases the blood sugar while the medium score for food increases the blood sugar slowly. These kinds of foods are mostly natural food like fruits

The Glycemic index of high score ranges from 70 and above. For a medium glycemic index, the range is between 55 to 69, and for a low glycemic index meal, the glycemic index is between 55 and below. 

Most rice we take accidentally falls in the high glycemic index scores that are not good for diabetics as it spikes up the blood sugar. Curd rice is different from other rice and its diabetes-friendly, here are the advantages of curd rice diabetics should know;

Which type of rice is good for diabetics
  1. Curd rice enhances digestion.
  2. Curd rice contains probiotic bacteria and unsaturated fat that enhances the mood and reduces fatigue.
  3. Diabetics should always choose the version of the low carb helping to maintain good cholesterol.
  4. Curd rice contains high protein and fibers that keep your stomach full for a long time and prevent unnecessary cravings. The protein in it makes it fit for diabetics because it reduces the spike of blood sugar.
  5. The glycemic index score for curd rice is low. The Glycemic index is an integral part of carbohydrates and how it affects blood sugar levels. Carbs with a low glycemic index between 55 and below, it is then absorbed and goes through the metabolism causing a slow rise in the blood sugar. Curd rice or yogurt glycemic index is 14, making a good meal for the diabetics. 
  6. Ensure you do not eat the flavored type of curd rice as they contain excess sugar and can spike up your blood sugar. You can as well mix them with fruits and unsaturated fats that have a low glycemic index to reduces the effect of a high rise in blood sugar.
  7. Curd rice contains a probiotic that reduces chronic inflammation that is of good benefits to diabetics and obese.
  8. Curd rice reduces the lipid levels that could cause a heart condition to diabetics, and probiotics lowers the rate of bad cholesterol thereby, increasing good cholesterol that is of optimum benefit to diabetes patients.
  9. It is an antidiabetic food. Curd rice for diabetics or yogurt is from skim milk and fermented products that help to regulate the blood sugar and keep it in control.


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