Is Amla Juice Good for Diabetes


Amount of people with diabetes are increasing every day. Most people, when they reach 40 years of their age, start noticing the symptoms of this disease. 

The reason behind it is diabetes patients lead an unbalanced lifestyle. People do not lead a healthy and productive life. They eat junk food, and as a result, their body stops caring about them. 

Diabetes patients should visit a dietitian who can advise them about the type of food they can consume. If somebody wants to beat diabetes, then he should eat healthily and do exercises.

Now coming to the point is Amla good for diabetes? Well, it depends. Amla is a citrus fruit and has various medicinal purposes. Many experts suggest that eating Amla is good for diabetes as it boosts immunity. But is Amla an anti-diabetic remedy? Should diabetes patients drink amla juice? 

Read on to find out. 

How to make amla juice for diabetes?

how to make amla juice for diabetes

Diabetes has become a threat to lifestyle. But with a healthy diet and exercise, this disease can be cured. If you want to beat diabetes, you must exercise daily and eat healthily. 

Amla has immunity-boosting properties, and amla juice is a good remedy. It is a traditional remedy that you can drink every day after a meal. Here is how you can prepare Amla juice? 

Amla has a cooling effect, and drinking it with honey can calm your body. Before letting you know how you can make amla juice, we would want to tell you a few tips to keep in the head while preparing an amla juice. 

  1. Buy fresh and juicy amlas
  2. Soak them in salted water. 

Follow the recipe given below to make amla juice for yourself. 

Step 1: Blend amla with water in your mixer jar.

Step 2: Add honey, salt, and pepper powder. You can include buttermilk as well to enhance the taste. 

Step 3: Mix all the ingredients properly. 

Yay! Your Amla juice is ready. You can drink the amla juice in the morning with your breakfast. We will be discussing the right time to consume Amla in another section. 

Amla juice for diabetic patient 

You may know that diabetes and heart diseases are correlated, and studies have shown that amla juice can cure cardiac problems caused by Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes patients also have low immunity, and Amla can boost their immunity. 

Most people may not like consuming raw Amla but drinking amla juice is always a good option. 


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What is the right time to take Amla juice? 

What is the right time to take Amla juice

As mentioned above, it is always advisable to consume amla juice in the morning, and before finishing it, you should make a dilute mixture of it by adding a lot of water. 

If you drink amla juice before and after meals, then your digestive system will become better. Amla juice is highly nutritious. It has many vitamins and minerals. 

And the right time for consumption of amla juice depends upon why are you taking it? 

For general health: You can consume it at any time of the day. 

For acidity: If you are taking it to get rid of the problem of acidity, you can consume it 2 hours after your meal. 

For liver: Three times one after every meal. 

For diabetes: To find out the perfect time to consume amla juice for diabetes patients is not an easy task. It depends upon the body sugar level of that patient. 

Can I drink Amla juice daily? 

Can I drink Amla juice daily

The time for consumption and dosage of amla juice depends upon your health condition and why you are drinking amla juice. 

You are taking amla juice to defeat diabetes. As you know, excess of anything is not right, so diabetes patients should not drink amla juice in large quantities, but they can drink amla juice every day. 

From my point of view, a diabetes patient should drink one glass of amla juice every day in the morning as it will boost their immunity, and they would be able to perform better throughout the day. 

Aside from helping you in beating diabetes and boosting immunity, amla juice can clear your skin and make your hair healthy. 

Drinking amla juice has many health benefits, and if you drink it daily, then it will help you become healthier. Here are some fantastic benefits of consuming amla juice. 

  1. Weight management: Diabetes patients are mostly overweighted. Amla is a citrus fruit that can help them shed some weight. 
  2. Flu: The immunity of patients who have diabetes is low, and they complain about flu and other symptoms. Drinking amla juice every day will help them overcome such problems. 
  3. Diabetes patients also complain about the high cholesterol level in their body. Amla juice has antioxidants, and it can reduce cholesterol levels. 
  4. Amla juice protects the body from liver diseases as well. 
  5. Amla juice is a nutritional drink with calcium and phosphorous. You can consume it to make your body fit and healthy. 

Is Amla good for diabetes during pregnancy? 

is amla good for diabetes during pregnancy

Amla is a nutritious fruit that can protect patients of diabetes from various illnesses. But pregnant ladies are advised not to consume multiple fruits and vegetables. 

So, can these ladies consume Amla during pregnancy? 

Researchers have found that it is entirely alright to eat Amla during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies should consume Amla. 

Gooseberry or Amla is similar to lemon and has various antioxidants. Eating Amla or drinking amla juice enhances the immunity of pregnant ladies.

 It prevents constipation, maintains blood pressure, and helps the pregnant ladies overcome stress and fatigue. 

Amla can detox their body and boost the memory power of the baby

Side effects

Amla is a nutritious fruit and has many health benefits, but overeating of Amla can cause stomach upset and other problems. Therefore, you should consume it in limited quantities. 

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