Star Fruit Benefits for Diabetes

We have created a guide on star fruit benefits for diabetes.

Starfruit, popularly called carambola, is a five-pointed star-shaped fruit, sour in taste, and also has its variety-filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 

Starfruit skin is edible and comes in two types: small and sour, larger, and sweet. Averrhoa Carambola is the scientific name for starfruit and also comes in the color green and yellow. 

Starfruit is gaining global popularity now and is more likely found in grocery stores and markets. Starfruit is best eaten when it is brightening yellow and firm. The green color is unripe, and once it is picked, it can continue its sweetness. 

The green starfruits are usually unripe and sour in taste, and blemishes must be avoided when you want to eat starfruits. Starfruits can also be mixed with dishes and used for medicinal purposes as it has a lot of health benefits, which shall be discussed in this article.

How to Eat Starfruit

Starfruit can be prepared easily and eaten to satisfaction. Here are the simple ways to follow when you want to eat starfruit;

  1. Ensure you go for the yellow starfruit, which is the ripe one
  2. Thoroughly rinse starfruit using clean water
  3. Cut off the edges; both ends of the fruit, and slice 
  4. Gently remove the seeds from the fruit 
  5. You can now eat and enjoy your starfruit

Other ways by which you can eat and enjoy starfruits are;

  • Adding it to dishes or salads
  • Garnish it with other food
  • Eat in the form of desserts or pies
  • Remove the juice from the fruit and drink as a beverage
  • Take in the form of jelly or jam
  • Cook alongside seafood

Starfruit Benefits for Skin

  1. Starfruit can be applied directly on the skin as a face mask to prevent acne and reduce oily skin
  2. Starfruit cleanses the blood, thereby making the skin to glow
  3. It has antimicrobial effects and contains zinc 
  4. Starfruit contains vitamin C producing collagen, aids wounds healing, and repair damaged tissues.

Starfruit Benefits for Diabetes

star fruit how to eat
  1. Starfruit helps to control insulin in the body when taken and also prevents the increase of glucose in the blood after eating
  2. Starfruit is a high-fiber content fruit with hypoglycemic properties which helps to regulate the blood sugar
  3. It also prevents the risk of developing a diabetes condition.

Starfruit Benefits for Health

  1. Starfruit has medicinal benefits, including nutrients lie fiber and vitamins.
  2. Starfruit leaves are used to treat ulcers in the stomach.
  3. Fibers in starfruit help to control bad cholesterol and improves a healthy heart.
  4. Starfruits prevents cancer most, especially during pregnancy, because of its high antioxidant content. 
  5. There are low calories in starfruit and contain fiber, which keeps the stomach full for a longer period making it a good fruit for weight loss.
  6. Starfruit can be used to detoxify the body. It stimulates urination and cleanses both liver and kidney, reducing the level of toxins in the body.
  7. Starfruits regulate the hormones of pregnant women and reduce stress too.

Thanks for reading our guide on star fruit benefits for diabetes.

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