Four Ways To Lower A1C – Diabetes Tips to Reduce A1C Levels

Four Ways To Lower A1C – Diabetes Tips to Reduce A1C Levels


Here are four ways to lower a1c levels. If your a1c score is too high or too low? What you need is a proper diet plan which ensures that your health doesn’t become a bit of a problem for you. A person with diabetes has to face a lot of complications, But it is possible to solve these problems one by one.

It can be difficult to change the diet plans and get accustomed to the new diet plan, but you can get the benefits of it. People think it’s difficult to reduce a1c levels, but it will be achieved with proper planning.

Here are four ways!

Short Exercise Session

Some people hate the word exercise, and they think of it as a punishment. Some also believe that they should opt for high-intensity workouts and go for muscle building instead of just regular exercises and only then they can get healthy, but it’s not like that it’s a myth. People usually misunderstand the meaning of healthy body with well build body.

If you want to lower your a1c levels, then you have to opt for a lightweight or short session of exercise instead of the high intensity. Sometimes people don’t know how much they should exercise. If you are just starting out then, thirty minutes a day is more than sufficient.


Try to Eat in Small Portions

Weight loss is one of the biggest problems for diabetics, and people unusually make the mistake of skipping meals and doing the diet for a particular period, etc. If you are doing this, then you have to stop it asap. Starving is not going to help you lose weight or become healthy.

Instead of that what you can do is try to eat in small portions and have around 5-6 meals a day. Also try to have more of fruits, salads and some curd as snacks or some organic meat, soups, whole grains, etc. So if you get hungry, you can have something in a smaller proportion and in this way your stomach will be full most of the times, and you won’t be craving for food.

Stop Eating Processed Food

People who are on a diet always want to know how they can reduce their a1c levels. But how can you lower your a1c levels if you are eating wrong food? If the doctor has told you to eat a tomato or some gluten-free food you should not go for canned foods.

Some people buy processed gluten-free food and think that’s going to make them healthy. Only natural foods can make you healthy. When the natural food is processed, then it becomes unhealthy. Always try to go for organic food.

Sleep is Important

If you sleep for more than eight hours a day, it can hurt your health. That’s because most of the time people say that they have slept enough and that just means that they have slept more than they should’ve. Your sleeping patterns and timing is significant try not to oversleep or has less sleep.

I know you must’ve heard about all these ways before but implementing them properly is the key.

ways to lower a1c


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