Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case

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Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case

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                                                                Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Travel Cases

When you have diabetes, you know how painful it is to travel with the entire insulin supply; there are numerous things at once, and also they are fragile.

So, in that situation, you need to have good quality insulin travel cases to support the whole package you are carrying. There are several different things like test strips, medications, glucose meter and other backup items.

Hence, Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case.



Insulin is a hormone that is created by the beta cells in the pancreatic islets. It is responsible for regulating the proper metabolism of different components like Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats by helping the glucose in getting absorbed in the fat, muscles and liver cells from the blood.

The glucose is further then converted into glycogen or fats, and when it is the liver tissues, it is converted into both the forms.

The excessive production of glucose is controlled by the insulin present in the blood. The insulin circulation also has effects on the manufacture of proteins. Thus if the insulin levels go down in your blood, it has harsh effects on your whole body.

Types of Insulin: There are various types of Insulin’s, but there are three main types of them:

  • Fast-acting insulin: This insulin is very quickly absorbed into the blood from the fat tissues. This is also helpful when one wants to control or correct sugar levels in the blood while having meals or snack or even when one wants to correct high levels of sugar in the blood.


  • Intermediate-acting Insulin: This insulin is absorbed slowly and very steadily in the blood and also lasts a lot longer than the other ones. This is mainly had between meals or to control blood sugar level while fasting and also overnight.


  • Long lasting Insulin: This is absorbed in and from the blood very slowly. This doesn’t primarily have peak effects but works slowly with time and lasts a long time. This is also used while fasting and for controlling sugar levels overnight.


Insulin Cases:

Now, what happens when you are traveling? You need to carry every single dose that you have to take. Sometimes there are injections and pens too. But you have to take them very carefully and with absolute safety.

So, that nothing breaks or is spilled onto your luggage. They have their packaging, but an extra cover is always appreciated like Diabetes kit bags or insulin carrying case.

You need to make sure that they are sealed away inside something very safe, durable and also handy. Now, there are many types of them with different sizes, colors, durability, material, etc. So here are the top 10 picks for your best Insulin carrying cases:

Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case

  1. FRIO Duo Insulin Cooling Wallet

This is one of the diabetes bags that is meant especially for using or carrying Insulin during summers. They are said for keeping the insulin safe and cool during extreme heat situations.

If you are traveling during summer to someplace outside or if you have to carry a lot of it in extreme situations then this is an excellent package that will come handy.

Given the hot conditions, this diabetes kit bag perfect for winters too; it stops the cold from getting inside and reacting with the Insulin. The insulin, when kept in this, can be directly activated with some cold water itself and doesn’t require cooling additionally since it is always kept fresh inside the package.

It is very compact and comes in a shape of wallet and can be carried with your luggage quickly. It is also reusable and keeps your insulin safe!

 diabetes kit bags

 diabetes kit bags


 diabetes kit bags

  1. Chill Pack Insulin Diabetic Pen/Syringes Pocket Cooler Case

This is an Insulin pen case or Insulin syringes. When you need to carry the pens or syringes for distances, and they cannot be refrigerated, this is the best option for you. They come with two ice packs that keep your syringes or the pens safe and cold while the temperature outside might be scorching hot.

If you are traveling a very short distance, this is ideally suitable because of the ice packs included. You may want to choose something else for longer distances though.

This can be carried well quickly with your luggage and is subtle and portable alone too. This contains ice packs as the cooling agent, and the water is non-toxic and completely purified, re-usable after freezing again. It is BPA free, and the size is 7.25″ x 3.2″ x 1.2″ which is perfect as an Insulin pen case.

diabetic supply cases


diabetic supply cases


diabetic supply cases



  1. Medport Diabetes Travel Organizer

Suppose you are traveling for almost two weeks and you need instant insulin support then this would be an excellent choice for you amongst many diabetic supply cases. There is a cold side to it which will help you in carrying the Insulin and also the Med Ice that is there in it.

There is a monitor that checks the temperature on the cold side too, and that is named the MEDtemp. The one hand with the normal room temperature can carry all other supplies like the strips, the glucose meter, etc.

You also get one detachable waist pouch that helps you in storing any waste product till you find a proper place to throw it all away. This comes with two ice packs also which you can refreeze, and there is a strap that is included for carrying it easily.

The size of the organizer would be 9.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches and weighs around 2 pounds.

diabetic carrying case


diabetic carrying case


diabetic carrying case

                                                                Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case


  1. ChillMED Premier Diabetic Travel Bag w/Shoulder Strap

This diabetic carrying case is meant to keep your insulin cold and safe from the outside temperature. It keeps the whole pack of insulin cold for 24 hours straight, and it stays on 48 degrees Fahrenheit approx.

This has different small pockets inside which helps you keep your different meds or the Insulin shots as per your liking. This also comes with elastic holders for other different things that you might need to carry with you while you are out.

This is made from 600 denier nylon and is adamant regarding durability.

It is quite attractive when talked regarding a medical bag, and it is absolutely perfect as a diabetic bag for using daily. This also comes with a zipped pocket outside which can come handy while transporting.

The size of the bag is 11″ x 9″ x 3″, and it comes with a shoulder strap too. One of the best insulin travel cases.

diabetes travel cases diabetes travel cases


diabetes travel cases



  1. Insulin Protector Case Insulin Cooler

This insulin travel case keeps the insulin or your insulin dose cold for around 12 hours or so. It comes with two different Ice packs, and while you are using one, you can easily refrigerate the other one and vice versa.

This can carry two full bottles of Insulin of any brand. This also has pockets inside that are useful for keeping syringes, pens or other strips and meters.

The pockets inside are made with keeping in mind the sizes of needles or swatches and so they fit properly. The case/organizer comes in a dark blue color.

The Insulin is kept in an excellent condition and is always chilled so that its effectiveness is not altered. This insulin carrying case is for everyday use and smaller travel hours.


insulin kit bag

insulin kit bag



insulin kit bag


  1. Gold wheat Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Diabetic Organizer Medical Travel Cooler

This is an excellent protective Insulin carrying case or organizer for the Insulin that you are carrying around. It doesn’t require any kind of power with it, and the size is very convenient.

The package comes with one bag for the Insulin and two ice packs that can be used alternatively. The ice packs are to stay in the freezer for a good 6-8 hours before you use them for your insulin bag.

There are different sections made into the bag that will keep the various things in different areas and not let them mix up. The sides are of good quality tin foil and with Velcro which helps in storage but also cleaning.

The aluminum also is an excellent resistant for heat, so that is another great thing. Its size is 7.87*3.54*1.57 inches, and it weighs around 6.4 ounces.

insulin carrying case

insulin carrying case


insulin carrying case




  1. Insulpak Insulated Medication Travel Bag with Electronic Temp Display

This is a diabetic kit bag that is meant for anything that is very sensitive to temperature change or even when it comes to contact. This storage kept the contents inside it cold and chilled for about 30 hours, and thus it is perfect for traveling even long hours or doing long shifts outside.

There is an extra storage place that is meant for keeping all the new meters, strips or syringes inside and away from the Insulin.

This also comes with a 24 oz Ice block that you can put into the freezer for hours before you start traveling. This has a shoulder strap that helps you while you are carrying it outside or for longer distances.

This also has a temperature displayed that will show you the temperature all the 30 hours.


 insulin pen case insulin pen case


 insulin pen case



  1. Medical Insulin Cooler Travel Bag with Cooling Panels

This bag comes with two cooling panels as the name suggests, they are filled with non-toxic elements and are fitted on two sides for keeping your insulin cool. This doesn’t use old gels which in turn are tricky to use.

This is so compact you can carry it anywhere starting from your simple handbag to bigger luggage. This is a great organizer and can be named as the best diabetic carrying case for when you are traveling.

This is also very healthy for kids as well as for elders. This comes with a year’s guarantee and is equipped with different compartments for different things. This is almost like carrying a small refrigerator with yourself.

The insulated pack is to be frozen for either overnight or 12 hours at least. It is also suitable for pens since they are kept entirely inside the case and incorrect temperature.


 insulin travel case


 insulin travel case


 insulin travel case



  1. Chill Pack Diabetic/Medication Cooler Travel Case

This is ideally made and manufactured for Insulin pens or syringes or the supply kits and medicines that come along with them. They can also be the stripes or the swatches.

This is a soft and yet thick cooler bag that keeps your things in perfect situations and temperature. It comes with a pocket outside and different compartments that are present inside.

This comes with an 8oz gel pack that is meant to keep the insulin chilled when you are going outside for a longer time. This comes in a black color, so you don’t need to worry about vibrant bags and are very easy to carry for outside uses. The size of the case is 5″ X 8.25″X 1″.

Although they have the ice packs, they do not have any extra cooling substance for keeping the insulin cool. They can last for about 3 hours max.


diabetes insulin bags diabetes insulin bags


diabetes insulin bags



  1. Diabetic Supplies Travel Case Organizer

This is a very protective hard case for carrying your insulin in extreme weather situations and is resistant to inclement weather. This comes in Nylon material that is perfect for ACCU-CHEK Nano, TRUEtest, etc. other kinds of testing kits.

This has different sections for organizing all your other medical stuff that comes along with diabetes tools. They can be strips, syringes, or pens.

The size of the case is about 10*6.5*3.5 inches. The company gives 3 years extended guarantee which is great.

The inner compartments have the Velcro system which helps one to sort different materials out without having to fiddle with it. It is super friendly when you are traveling because of the compact and portable design.

You can carry it anyway, inside the luggage or backpack or even with yourself in a handbag. The bag also comes with Syringes and Vials which if you think about is great.

 Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case

 Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case

 Top 10 Best Diabetes Insulin Supply and Travel Case


These are the top 10 picks when we talk about Diabetes supply cases, and they are great quality wise. You will always need something very handy when you have to carry something so sensitive.

So, it is important you choose very carefully what you store your medicines in. they all have different specifications, and we recommend you choose one according to your needs!


Thanks for reading Top 10 Best Diabetes insulin travel case.

diabetes insulin bags



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