How Herbs Are Helpful In Diabetes?

How Are Herbs Helpful In Diabetes? 

People tend to use artificial medicines when that doesn’t help them for a long run after you stop taking pills you have the chance to get the illness again.

This mostly happens with diabetes as people are more dependant on medications but the thing is diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be maintained through natural ways.

Lots of people tell you to exercise on time and stay fit and have a healthy diet because that’s the only thing which is going to help you with the maintenance of diabetes.

People from the ancient times were much more healthy as they used to have herbs in their daily life. But in today’s world people mostly prefer canned food or processed food cause they’re always on the go. Such foods increase the a1c levels instead of lowering them.

Here are some of the herbs for people with diabetes!

Bitter Melon

I understand that people don’t usually like bitter tasted things, but these foods are the ones who can help you control your blood sugar levels. If you ever visit India, the Ayurvedic doctors in India mostly prescribe bitter herbs for such problems, and it is also used widely as a natural source of medicine.

This is the reason many cultures have sour foods into their diet which makes them healthy throughout. It’s a very good idea if you spent money on bitter melon instead of spending it on your medicines. It helps in lowering the sugar levels.


Gymnema Sylvestre

This herb also originated from India, and it has been used n Ayurveda as a medicine for years.

Some research has been conducted on diabetes, and it was shown that patients were prescribed with this herb and after a month or so they have tested again and their a1c levels had reduced significantly.

The herb helps with the insulin sensitivity. It had shown good results, and hence it can be used to lower a1c levels.


This herb has thousands of health benefits, and this herb is used for multiple purposes. It is mainly beneficial for people with diabetes as it helps in lowering the a1c levels. If you consume this herb regularly, then this herb can help you reduce your a1c levels significantly.

If you have the extracts of it or if you consume it in the raw form you can get rip of insulin sensitivity and cholesterol problems if you have any. It can also help you lose weight as it balances the hormones in the body which can be a reason for weight gain in the first place.

Blueberry or Bilberry

helpful herbs

Blueberries in their wild form are known as bilberry; it has amazing healing properties which makes it unique. It’s beneficial for people with cardiac problems, and it’s also useful for people with diabetes.

It supports your heart when your a1c levels fluctuate and go down or up suddenly. Better keep in mind that this is not suitable for everyone some people are allergic to this herb.

You should take some medical advice before trying this. Don’t eat random blueberries as it may be harmful.


Now that you know the power of herbs and how they can be alternatives to medicines it’s time to take action and use these herbs in your diet. Also, refer others who want to lower their sugar levels naturally!


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