How to Prepare Mango Leaves for Diabetes

We have made a guide on how to prepare mango leaves for diabetes.

Mango is a widely known fruit and much familiar with its sweetness. The fruit is eaten by peeling the outer part of it before eating; some eat the skin while some prefer to dispose of it. 

Mango is used in preparing varieties of the dish and can also be taken as drinks. Mangoes are of great benefit to health as it improves digestion by supplying fibers to the body. 

It also enhances immunity and keeps the body hydrated. Apart from the benefit, the fruit offers the body, and the mango leaves offer much more.

Mango leaves to aid in creating insulin in your body, regulating blood sugar and has antioxidant properties.

Mango leaves are prepared by boiling about 15-20 fresh mango leaves in 150ml of water. The water should be left overnight and drink every morning before taking breakfast. The same process should follow for about two to three months to see an effective result.

Mango Leaves for Diabetes Research

Mango leaves are part of the Chinese medicine used in controlling diabetes. Mango leaves have lots of nutrients in it; the leaves are extracted to reduce diabetes and control asthma. 

When mango leaves are young, they are usually reddish or purple color. They change to dark green color as they become mature, having a pale color underneath. 

Soft mango leaves being cooked are eaten in some cultures; some also use them to make supplements and beverages due to its nutritious benefits.

According to research, it was shown that mice were given mango leaves, and they didn’t take in much glucose than the other who didn’t take the mango leaf. 

A conclusion was then made that mango extract increased the insulin and fought cholesterol in the body due to the fiber content in the leaves and vitamin C. 

Mango leaf has powerful antioxidant contents and contains phenols and flavonoids that provide relief from severe diabetics symptoms such as blurry vision, risk of heart diseases, and frequent urination.

Mango Leaves Powder for Diabetes

Tender mango leaves contain anthocyanidins known as tannins, which is effective for treating early-stage diabetes. These leaves are dried and pounded into powder form or used as an injection to treat diabetics. Other benefits of powdered mango leaves include;

  1. Dried mango leaves can be used in treating bleeding diarrhoea. It is taken by mixing with water in about two days to three days to stop dysentery.
  2. Continuous use of powdered mango leaves treats kidney stones and gall bladder stones; it breaks the stone and flushes it out via excrement.
  3. Mango leaves are also used to treat and heal burns; this is done by applying the powdered mango leaf to the injured area. It relieves the skin and restores it.
  4. Some people also burn mango leaves to inhale the smoke. The smoke is said to serve as a cure for a hiccup. 
  5. Mango leaves are used in treating high blood pressure.
  6. Extract from mango leaves aids and reduces skin ageing because it contains antioxidant properties. 

Thanks for reading and we hope you understood how to prepare mango leaves for diabetes.

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