Can A Diabetic Male Have A Baby

Having unhealthy food habits can lead to obesity, weight gain, and insulin resistance, which can become the leading cause of diabetes and predisposes to infertility, especially in the case of men. But can a diabetic male have a baby? This article might have the answer for it.

What Causes Diabetes?

In healthy people, a hormone called insulin is released by their pancreas, a gland present in one’s abdomen. This hormone regulates the blood sugar in the body of humans. 

When the blood sugar levels in one’s body are not under appropriate control and tend to become too high, the body is said to be suffering from ‘hyperglycemia.’ And then the person is diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. 

What Happens If Diabetes Is Left Unaffected?

If diabetes is not treated or controlled by the affected individual, be it a male or female, then their chances of having a baby are reduced. Problems like the risk of miscarriage, stillbirths, C-sections, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), fetal growth issues, and other issues become higher in the case of diabetic pregnancies.

can a diabetic male have a baby

Men having type 1 diabetes might have intensive DNA damage in sperms, which may hamper fertility. However, only small studies are conducted on the effect of diabetic males on infertility. But the main cause of infertility in diabetic men is mainly sperm damage. 

How Diabetes Can Become A Cause Of Infertility In Males?

When it comes to men’s reproductive tendency, diabetes can be perishable. Although diabetes does not really make men totally infertile, it does affect fertility in men. But can a diabetic man have a healthy baby? Let’s find out.

Men having diabetes usually suffer from sexual problems like retrograde ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Such issues can lead to men having a lower sexual drive, and that’s believed to be one of the biggest reasons for producing poor quality sperm that might not be sufficient for giving birth.

When the sperm quality of non-diabetic and diabetic men was compared in a study. The study found that non-diabetic men had over 25% better sperm and semen levels than diabetic men. Also, diabetic men had much more DNA damage or sperm damage as compared to normal healthy males. 

By all this, it can be clearly assumed that having a baby in the case of diabetic men can be an issue.

  • TYPE 1 Male Diabetes And Miscarriage: Men suffering from TYPE 1 diabetes can face an attack on their insulin-production cells. This situation can make it extremely difficult for men to regulate the blood sugar level in their bodies. They might require daily insulin external doses. Such a condition can be a hazard in the case of men, make them prone to infertility, and obstruct them from impregnating their partner.
  • TYPE 2 Male Diabetes And Miscarriage: The insufficient production of insulin in one’s body can lead to the occurrence of TYPE 2 diabetes health problems. Although TYPE 1 diabetes is the most common, TYPE 2 diabetes is not uncommon either. However, controlling diabetes through regular exercise and diet control can be done. Men can impregnate their partners easily without any medication when they fully control their diabetic condition.