Does Diabetes Affect Fertility In Males

Diabetes is one of the most common and deadliest lifestyle disorders globally concerned. The number of diabetes-affected patients is highly rising, but the core cause of the problem is that diabetes extends its ill effects on various aspects of life. 

A million questions come up when we talk about the impact of diabetes, one of the major among them being – Does diabetes affects fertility in males? Studies have depicted that men who are down with Diabetes type 2 have lowered fertility than men who are not. 

So, yes, if your blood sugar level is soaring high, it can cause a massive problem in your sexual life.

How Can Diabetes Affect Male Fertility?

Male fertility and diabetes are very closely related. Diabetes has various adverse effects on multiple aspects of male fertility. One of them being the lowering of sperm count. Along with reduced sperm count, erectile dysfunction and gonadal infections can also be significant concerns associated with diabetes in males. 

  • To have a healthy sexual life, men must harbor the correct concentration of male hormones such as testosterone and androgens. Diabetes can alter the level of these hormones in the body, thus affecting fertility. 
  • Also, excessive blood sugar in the blood can cause morphological changes in the DNA of the sperm leading to abnormal sperm structure and function.
  • Azoospermia (sperm less ejaculate) is a common problem among males with moderate to high levels of diabetes.
  • Decrease in libido (sex drive) and the inflammation of the foreskin of the glans penis (balanitis)
  • Various ejaculation problems in men are also a consequence of diabetes mellitus
  • Seminal plasma components play a massive role in the sperm’s health and successful fertilization. Being affected with diabetes brings a derogatory change in the semen composition and thus affects the fertility of males.

When the question plagues patients suffering from problems related to male fertility, does diabetes affect fertility in males? Two concepts must be dealt with. The first is Retarded Ejaculation, and the second is Retrograde Ejaculation. Out of all the negative impacts of diabetes on male fertility, these two are of utmost concern:

Retarded Ejaculation

It is mainly caused by desensitization of the nerve endings around the penis, which usually plays a crucial role in initiating ejaculation. One of the main reasons for this nerve dysfunctionality is diabetes.

Retrograde Ejaculation

This is a backflow of the semen. The semen must exit the penis into the female reproductive tract. The semen backflows to the bladder in this condition, leading to male infertility because semen does not enter the female reproductive tract. This medical condition is also witnessed more in males who have diabetes.

Final Words

With certain lifestyle modifications and appropriate medication therapies, diabetes can be controlled, and thus, the negative impact of diabetes on male fertility is also diminished. Diabetes adversely changes sperm quality and deteriorates multiple facets of male sexual capability. 

So, keep a close check on your blood sugar level to enjoy a healthy and fertile sexual life.