Can Diabetics Use Foot Massagers

Diabetes And Foot Massages: Advantages And Disadvantages

Diabetic is a disease that can have complications that can be caused instantly if not appropriately managed. Many diabetic patients have no idea they have diabetes as they were never diagnosed with this disease.

Blood sugar level plays a vital part in managing our immune system and overall health. Many therapies have been designed to make sure the blood flow level remains healthy at all times.

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Can Diabetics Patients Use Foot The Massagers?

Foot massagers are very efficient for Diabetic patients. They help in nerve relaxation and are a great way to increase stretchability and blood flow in the feet. They also increase mental stability.

Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms might cause discomfort in diabetic patients, and a foot massager can help relieve that pain efficiently.

On the other side, foot massagers might induce low blood pressure in diabetic patients who are insulin-recommended.

Massage has its complications like Deep Vein Thrombosis and bleeding disorders. Some Researchers have continually proven that massage therapy can help treat peripheral neuropathy.

Many factors during a massage should be taken care of while treating diabetic patients. Factors like level of pressure, duration of the massage, the blood sugar level of the patient, and mental health; should all be taken seriously.

Is it safe to try a foot massager if you have diabetes? Yes, it is. There are some Improvements in blood flow in the lower limbs of diabetic patients, as noticed in research carried out on a group of patients.

The ability to stand up, foot sensation, and range of motion has significantly improved in some patients who were kept under research and given massage therapy.

Patients are recommended to carry their insulin while on massage therapy so that they can manage their blood sugar level if it drops significantly.

Many foot massagers for diabetics are available online and in the market. However, they don’t differ that much from a regular foot massager but will exert less pressure on your calf muscle to ensure that the blood flow doesn’t get disrupted.

Increased pressure can cause swelling in diabetic patients.

One type of foot massager best suited for Diabetic patients is the Shiatsu foot massager, which encourages blood flow between the foot and the torso. An increase in flexibility of the joints and muscles is loosened after massage therapy releasing stress efficiently.

Consult Your Physician Once Before You Use The Foot Massager

It is strongly recommended to check with the doctor before undergoing any massage therapy. You should know the exact reason why you need massage therapy. Is it because of her low blood sugar all the time or the rising blood sugar simultaneously?

We also suggest checking the pressure variants before buying a foot massager. This is because extra pressure on your calf or feet can cause complications with the circulatory system.

A massage can significantly increase your mental health and attitude towards your diabetes. Using the foot massager indeed helps keep you alert and healthy.

Diabetes, if appropriately managed, can lead to a healthy lifestyle, and regular massage therapy that suits you the best can add that extra bit of relaxation to your life.

Let’s fight this disease with utmost care and live life joyfully and at its best.