Cause Of Cracked Foreskin: Diabetes And Other Causes

Cracks on your foreskin may cause by Inflammatory disorders of your foreskin (the head of the penis), which are known as balanitis or posthitis, or even both (together, it is called balanoposthitis). 

These foreskin cracks are painful and often associated with a bacterial or fungal infection, lichen sclerosis (BXO), and also tight foreskin (Paraphimosis and phimosis).

Today, in this article below, we will discuss the causes of cracked foreskin along with the causes like diabetes mellitus and know about some preventative measures. Let’s dig deeper to know more about the causes and prevention methods of cracked skin of your penis.

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Can Diabetes Cause Foreskin Cracks?

Yes, diabetes can cause cracked foreskin. This is because diabetes has damaging impacts on all body parts, including your urological health. Several urological issues occur as an effect of diabetes, for example, urinary infections, bladder and kidney conditions, sexual problems, and even foreskin issues.

Balanoposthitis is the medical term used for inflammation issues of the penis head and foreskin. A tight foreskin or head of the penis that can’t be pulled back to uncover the phimosis or head of the penis can be the foremost clinical symptom of diabetes in men.

cracked foreskin diabetes

More or less 25% of males with this issue have underlying diabetes. Diabetic candidal balanoposthitis skin condition get worsen for sexually active males.

If you can control your blood sugar, it will be easier for you to get rid of problems with your penis foreskin. When dermatologists detect diabetes mellitus in candida balanitis or candida Albicans patients, there are times.

Even apparently healthy male persons with diabetes can suffer from foreskin cracked issues. Thus, adult patients are advised to medical help as soon as they have observed small cracks.

What Are The Other Causes For Tight Foreskin or Cracked Foreskin?

Here are the 7 most common causes of cracked foreskin on the penis.

Fungal Or Bacterial Infection

yeast infections or fungal infections can cause the following issues:

  • a rash
  • dryness
  • peeling skin
  • white patches
  • swelling
  • irritation around the foreskin
  • an uneven, thick discharge under the penis head

It can be painful to have sex and urinate if you have issues like a cracked foreskin. It impacts your sexual health to some extent.

Allergic Reaction

In case you get an allergic reaction to spermicide, latex, personal fragrance, or deodorant, you may encounter cracked foreskin issues. Men with latex allergies may have an itchy, red rash, or may also have swelling on the penis after using a latex condom. 

Some other possible signs of allergic reactions are:

  • wheezing
  • sneezing
  • watery eyes
  • a runny nose

Always try to avoid products that you are allergic to.


Inverse psoriasis is among the most common psoriasis classes that affect the genitals, even the penis. In the beginning, this appears as red, dry lesions on your skin. You might also notice some small red patches on the shaft or glans of the penis.

For such problems, doctors often prescribe low-strength topical corticosteroids. In case topical corticosteroids aren’t working, you will have to get ultraviolet light therapy for the problem.

Tight Clothing/Chafing

If you continuously wear tight clothes around your genital area, then there is a high chance of rubbing or chafing against the foreskin, which causes dryness.

Similarly, tight underwears cause a buildup of moistness under the foreskin, which is often the breeding ground for bacterias and fungus.

This increases the chance of infections.

So, to avoid such problems, try to wear soft and loose cotton underwears that are made of breathable, light fabrics.

Dry Sex or Masturbation

A deficiency of lubrication during sexual activity, for example, sexual intercourse or masturbation, may lead to dry skin on your penis. So, always use lubricants.

Choose an organic or chemical-free lubricant that will not contain glycerin or parabens, as these elements can also irritate.


Several sorts of eczema can impact the foreskin, including:

  • irritant contact eczema
  • atopic eczema

Eczema can cause dry skin, bumps, and intense itching under the foreskin. The foremost treatment for issues like eczema is the low-strength topical corticosteroids.

Using Drying Soap

A very dry cleanser or soap can dry out the foreskin. So, always try to use mild soaps to wash your general area.

Prevention Of Cracked Foreskin Problem

You can prevent your foreskin from cracking by following the underlying tips.

  • Use mild cleansers or water only, rather than using harsh soaps to wash your general area
  • Drying your genital area appropriately after washing every single time
  • Use products on your genital area that are specially made for sensitive skin conditions
  • Use hypoallergenic laundry items on the clothes that you wear near your general area
  • Always try to wear loose-fitting, soft cotton underwear
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the body hydrated
  • Apply some penis-specific moisturizers after baths and showers
  • Keep your metabolic disease in control.
  • Make sure your penis gets good blood flow.

You need to keep the area clean and dry for such a problem. If prescribed, apply an antifungal cream to the affected area. For a yeast infection in the penile area, you better be applying an ointment like vitamin E oil to the penis head. Generally, uncircumcised men need up to 10 days to get their foreskin retracted fully.

Make sure you abstain from sexual intercourse until all signs of skin conditions have disappeared with proper treatment.

In case your signs of cracked foreskin persist or worsen, you can consult a doctor online or offline at your convenience.


Dry skin on the head of the penis is not typically a severe medical problem, but it is certainly uncomfortable. Determining the cause to get proper treatment is the key to the fastest recovery.

In case home remedies are not working for you, or you often develop dry skin or notice cracks on your penis head, consult your physician as soon as possible.

They can resolve such conditions and also will find out if you’ve got an underlying skin condition that requires a treatment plan or not.