Can Diabetics Eat French Fries?

Are you facing a diabetic problem and love to eat French fries? French fries are mainly the cutting of potatoes into thin pieces that are then either baked or deep fried. They are known to be an option high in carbohydrates and fats, making them an avoidable choice. Even if the glycemic index of fries is higher, that negatively affects insulin and sugar levels.

Now the primary concern here is whether can diabetics eat French fries. There has been complete research to gather detail on this fact. An idea is formed that a person who eats fried fries has a higher chance that they will face diabetes in the future time.

What Kind of Fries Can a Diabetic Eat?

There is a variety of fries available as an option for people. Consumers must be careful when they step out to choose the best fries based on their health. One must try adding fries to their diet, which is a healthy option.

Nowadays, the option of air fried is also available for consumers. A person who is diabetic can also add such fries to his diet as they contain less fat and calories, making the dish a good option for people who are consuming them.

can diabetics eat french fries

Do French Fries Cause High Blood Sugar?

When a person plans to consume French fries even if they are facing diabetes, does he need to have a clear idea as do French fries cause high blood sugar? Without any doubt, it can be said that French fries can lead to weight gain and even increase blood sugar levels. The potatoes are made up using heavy food items.

Can type 2 diabetics eat fries and potatoes?

A person can have them in their diet as the evening meal as it will not affect their sugar level. The number of French fries that a person adds to their diet has diet cat impact on the effect it will have on the body of patients.

If a person consumes it keeping into consideration the amount, then it will not have a high effect on sugar level. Rest the change in the sugar level can be managed by keeping an eye on other food items.

How Much French Fries Can a Diabetic Eat?

In general, if a person has decided to consume French fries even if he is facing diabetes, then having a clear idea regarding the amount of fried that will be best is a must option. A large-size fry contains almost 554 calories and 73 grams of carbs.

But in general, a person with diabetes can take about 15-20 grams of carbohydrates in a meal, so the best option for him is to have fresh fries, even an amount that is less than its small pack.


Consuming French fries is not a good option for people facing diabetes. Still, if a person wants to have them, they can opt for the ones made with the help of an air fryer as they contain less oil and carbohydrates.