Egg Noodles and Diabetes

Egg noodles are made from the egg while some other noodles are made from wheat. Noodles fall into the category of grains and starchy foods, high in carbohydrates, and can spike up the sugar level. 

The blood sugar increases base on the amount you consume and the type of noodles you choose to eat.

Glycemic index at 55 or below may not cause a spike in the blood sugar, and when the glycemic index is at 70 and above, there is a possibility for a high rise in the blood sugar level. The egg noodles’ glycemic index is at 40. 

We also have different types of noodles that differ in the glycemic index scores. The amount of the egg noodles you consume and what you eat with your noodles will determine the increase in your blood sugar, the egg noodles glycemic index reduces by adding fiber or other food that has a low glycemic index score. 

egg noodles glycemic index

Low glycemic index score foods are also known to be a quick way to lose weight.

The regular intake of low glycemic index meals also reduces diabetes risk, cardiovascular, and insulin resistance, when the egg noodles glycemic index is maintained, the blood glucose will be stable. 

Various benefits of low glycemic diets are; it improves memory, good for weight loss, ensures stable blood glucose level, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and helps to control appetite.

Most people don’t know that the length of time you cook your egg noodles have an impact on its effect on the blood sugar level. 


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When you boil your noodles for a long time, it raises the blood sugar, egg noodles glycemic index is low when you boil the noodles until they are slightly firm. 

Ensure you include unsaturated fats, lean proteins such as seafood or chicken breast that is skinless, and non-starchy vegetables in your noodles as it helps to maintain a low egg noodles glycemic index.

When carbohydrates are in excess, it results in weight gain and automatically raises the blood sugar, this is why you have to eat your food in moderation and enjoy good health. 

Whole wheat is also preferable as it increases minerals, fiber, and vitamins, reducing the possibility of an increase in the blood. Egg noodles have a moderate glycemic index score, and when eaten in little portion won’t increase the blood sugar. 

Noodles have starchy carbohydrates and slowly digests in the body. Egg noodles give the body energy when combined with non-starchy vegetables and lean protein without increasing the blood sugar. Combining your egg noodles with buckwheat doesn’t have any negative impact on the blood sugar compared to pasta that is full of carbohydrates. 

When food is served in little portion and eaten in moderation, diabetes risk can be controlled. Over boiling food should also be avoided as egg noodles glycemic index increases when the egg noodles are boil for a longer period. 

When diabetics eat in moderation with consistency in your balanced diet, they can enjoy good health. Egg noodles are not bad for diabetes patients when eaten in the right proportions adding required nutrients.

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