What Korean Food Can Diabetics Eat

Most Korean food doesn’t need sugar in the traditional recipes and is always are high in fiber. Korean recipes are known for their strong flavourings like garlic, ginger, and chillies, Korean food also make use of non-sugar sweeteners into the recipe with an increase in the fiber content in their meal. 

The following Korean food for diabetics are best for a diabetes patient, and also reduces diabetes risk, they are;

  1. Tofu: Tofu is a plant-based product, a complete protein, and also high in fiber. It has low glycemic index and regulates the blood sugar level. Tofu is one of the best Korean food for a diabetes patient. The flavor of different seasoning can be added to tofu as it doesn’t have any Flavor on its own. Tofu can be used in recipes and taken on its own.
  2. Kimchi: Kimchi is spicy food and a national dish for all parts of Korea. Kimchi has the lowest form of carbohydrates and cholesterol with lots of fiber to make it one of the very best probiotic Korean food for diabetes patients. It also reduces the glucose level, keeping the body in a perfect state.
  3. Sauerkraut: Sauerkraut is known to be one of the best traditional Korean food for diabetes, Sauerkraut served alongside sausage is the best. It is made of fermented cabbage and can add to processed meat like fish, turkey, chicken with flavors of different seasoning, and often added to salads to enhance the flavor.
  4. Bibimbap: Bibimbap means mixed rice, it is a bowl of rice seasoned with a variety of vegetables and chili pepper paste known as gochujang, some add the raw egg on the top while it is being fried sometimes. Bibimbap is most known in Korea as one of the best dishes best for a diabetes patient. It is enjoyable when you stir it together with a different variety of flavor added to it. ‘Bap’ from bibimbap means rice while the rest means mixed, and to enjoy it, it must be thoroughly mixed. Various vegetables and protein are also added to it to improve glycemic control and reduce the risk of high blood sugar levels.
  5. Kimbap or Gimbap: This is common in Korean as lunch or picnic, Kimbap, also called Gimbap is one of the best Korean food for diabetics because of its enrichment in protein, made with white rice and dried seaweed making it look like the Japanese type. Kimbap is a nutritious food cut with sesame oil, and calcium can be found in it than milk and also has enough protein, iron, and rich in potassium helping the body to maintain a healthy blood glucose level and minimize diabetes risk. Most people use kimbap as a weight loss diet, it is gluten-free, has no sugar, and has its natural flavor. It is almost the same as the Korean Sushi except that kimbap has only a few ingredients, the rest is added recipes giving it a lovely taste and a nice look. Most children love to eat Kimbap and even take it to school as lunch, the calcium in it is best for the children, and importantly good as a diabetic meal.

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