Can Diabetics Eat Fish and Chips

Fish and chips meal contains a great number of kilojoules, sodium, and carbohydrate. Fish, being an ultimate source of omega 3 fats which is good for the heart, to manage the size of the fish and chips you want to consume, you can add saturated fat in the meal, adding salads will boost your vitamins and minerals intake.

When you make your fish or get a typical breaded fish meal and making your homemade baked chips with sides like coleslaw, fries and other vegetables, it is better to consume in moderation and mind picking from a big bowl or big plate but rather serve your plate to watch the amount of consumption.

is fish good for diabetes

Diabetes patients are often told to keep an eye on portion sizes; making changes to their diet and count the amount of carbohydrate they consume.

Fried food like chips results to weight gain because of the oil used in frying it, it also increases the blood sugar due to its starch content. A lot of fried foods increase cholesterol resulting in a high risk of cardiovascular disease.

You can eat fish at least twice a week, this will help protect diabetes patients against kidney disease, the protein in fish gives energy to the body and its vitamin D also is a great benefit to the diabetes patient who needs more vitamins in their body.

Fishes like mackerel, salmon which are high in omega 3 fatty acids help heart health.

It is better to go for small portion sizes or remove the batter on the fish, foods with unsaturated fat, less salt, and doing away with fatty or processed meat are also recommended.




Thicker chips are also good as they do not absorb many fats when cooking. Eat two portion of fish every week, and a little portion of the oily fish is recommended also a portion should be at most 140g of cooked fish.

omega 3 for diabetes

Fish provides our body with the energy needed and it contains omega 3 which helps heart health, fish is good for diabetics and should not be consumed in high proportion but smaller portions.

Avoid eating out or ordering take-away all the time, this can affect your body weight, cholesterol, and blood glucose level.

Most takeaway comes in larger portions, loaded with salt, high in saturated fat, and consists of more carbohydrates that our body needs. Some do not even add vegetables or fiber.

Some diabetics wrapped their fish and chips in paper to soak up all the grease, this method doesn’t reduce the oil in any way.

The best way to cut down calories in half and reduce the fat is to coat the delicate fish in cornflakes crust then bake it along with sliced potatoes. Diabetics can eat all foods; the basic thing is to eat in moderation.

Insulin regulates blood sugars based on the intake of carbohydrates and people react differently to certain food. For some carbs takes long before it affects the blood sugar while for others it happens as fast as possible.

Fat contents also slow down the processes but it’s risky for some other people. When you test your blood before and after a meal often, you know how your body works with the absorption of certain foods, how much of it to consume, and how it affects your blood sugar.

Eating in moderation and learning how your body works make it easier to choose the kind of food you eat and the amount needed to be taken.

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