Are Potato Chips Bad for Diabetics

Potatoes are delicious vegetables that can be eaten by everyone including diabetics. Potato chips and blood sugar are related since potatoes, just like any other carbs increases the blood sugar levels. 

Potato chips and blood sugar; it breaks down the carbs in your body into simple sugars that move into your bloodstream thereby increasing the blood sugar level.

For diabetics, the sugar remains in circulation, keeping the blood sugar level higher for a long time which could have been removed from the blood and then, into the cell. Eating food with high carbs or in large quantities is dangerous to people with diabetes. 

However, suppose one wants to eat potato chips. In that case, it should be in limited portion sizes and most advisable to stick with boiled, baked, or steamed potatoes and avoid potato chips because of its high calories and unhealthy fats.

Potatoes increase the risk of diabetes type 2 and have adverse effects on those that already have diabetes, eating fried potatoes and potato chips contain unhealthy fat which increases the blood pressure and leads to obesity and gains weight and all these increases the risk of heart disease. 

Therefore, potato chips and other potato dishes that are high in calories should be avoided, different ways to avoid a large number of high carbs is to ensure you a higher percentage of your food is filled with non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens, lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, green beans, cauliflowers and so on.

Go for chips that are cooked with healthy vegetable oil like sunflower which is naturally extracted without the use of the chemical agent. Fried food generally leads to weight gain and harms the blood sugar. 

French fries and potato chips are particularly bad choices for diabetes patient because they are made of starchy ingredient and have high carbs which can cause the blood sugar to increase massively. 

Potato chips have oil stored in it and when taken, leads to extra calories for the body which increases bad cholesterol and high rate of heart diseases.

Our body handles different foods in different ways however, there are also varieties of potatoes, and not all have a high glycemic index. 




People with diabetes already know that foods with carbohydrates raise the blood sugar and this includes chips. Carbohydrates are also in the form of starches and potatoes, and can be found in chips. 

These common foods are processed into chips having the highest starch content of any food, therefore, anytime you are consuming potato chips, you should know that it increases your blood sugar and this wreak havoc on blood sugar for diabetics. 

When the glycemic index of a food is high, the blood sugar is likely to rise after the meal. Potatoes happen to be loaded with carbs that convert to sugar as quickly as possible flowing into the bloodstream. 

Although adding anything acidic to a meal helps to lower the glycemic index of that meal, you can also reduce the impact of food with a high glycemic index by mixing with some low Glycemic index food. Still, all the fries and chips remains a poor choice for diabetics.

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