Do People With Diabetes Can Eat Palm Jaggery?

Diabetic people get conscious when they have any sweet meals or sugar; however, it is not true that all sweet foods are not suitable for them. There are numerous alternatives that they can use to cut their sugar and maintain the right balance of their blood sugar levels.

One of the best alternatives for sugar intake is palm jaggery. Even though it is a sweetener, jaggery still holds several benefits that a person can achieve by having it. Thus people do think that they can diabetic patient eat palm jaggery.

What is Palm Jaggery?

Palm jaggery is a sweetener that is made by extracting palm. It has a rustic flavor and is an excellent substitute for white sugar. These jaggeries are less processed because they retain many nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and salts.

Jaggeries have a round or block-like structure and can be found in dark brown. It is effective in curing improper digestion and cleaning the body and is also considered suitable for gestating mothers.

Why is Palm Jaggery Better Than White Sugar?

Both palm jaggery and white sugar are sweeteners, but they are entirely different because of their process. White sugar contains artificial sugar, chemicals, and additives, making them unsafe for diabetic people.

However, palm jaggery is made with organic ingredients, which is why it is safe for people, even with diabetes. But one should eat it in a certain amount as consuming colossal palm jaggery is not advisable for a person with diabetes.

3 Benefits of Having Palm Jaggery for Diabetic Patients

If you are still searching for that, can diabetic patient eat palm jaggery, or is it safe? Then don’t worry, it is perfectly safe. All diabetic people can get all the benefits from palm jaggery mentioned as follows:

  • For Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels 

This jaggery consists of low glycemic index and glucose, because of which the heart can regulate the blood faster. It will not instantly increase the sugar level or crash the energy level. 

  • Protect the Body Against Infection 

This can be highly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes because of their insulin content. It will control blood sugar levels and increase the status of antioxidants, which defends the body from different infections, damage, and diseases. Having this can also reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. 

  • Rich in Nutritional Values 

These are rich in iron, calcium, and magnesium, which makes them best for people with arthritis. This can reduce the joint pain caused by arthritis and boost energy. It is also considered an effective remedy for colds, migraine, and coughs.


So you can see that eating jaggery is safe and suitable for people with diabetes. The best way to consume and absorb the nutrients of palm jaggery is by adding it in a certain amount to your diet. One can either eat it raw or add it while cooking a dish.