Can Diabetics Eat Waffles

Meta: Waffles are considered the most-favored breakfast around the globe. But can diabetics eat waffles? Is it good for people with type 1 or 2 diabetes to consume waffles? Let us find out!

Most of nations and countries, people consider breakfast an essential part of the morning start or diet. Waffles are fully loaded with calories and may interrupt your diet and loss plans. So, can diabetics eat waffles? 

What Types Of Waffles Are Suitable For Diabetics?

According to research in 2011 by The American Journal of Clinical, Apple cinnamon waffles Omega-3s may lessen the risk for type 2 diabetes as waffles have cinnamon, improving insulin resistance.

Top Benefits Of Waffles

  • Rich In Protein, Calcium, And Other Essential Elements

The basic waffle recipe contains milk, eggs, oil, and salts. The nutritious parts of the waffles, milk, and eggs are protein-rich and rich in calcium and other essential elements.

The egg is an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, B5, B6, and B12 and many other elements like zinc, iron, copper, etc.

So, is it okay for diabetics to eat waffles?

  • Help In Weight Loss

As a protein-rich food, therefore contributes toward less eating and makes your feel complete, resulting in weight loss.

can diabetics eat waffles

If you still think or are worried about unhealthy refined flour, you can replace it with other flour such as rolled oats, wheat flour, sweet potatoes, etc.

Enriched with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, these ingredients can make the waffle nutritious and healthier.

  • Nutritive Pair-Ups

Like many other food items, waffles are not stand-alone items, i.e., they can only eat with others and must pair up with some other food.

If not appropriately chosen, the add-on items affect your health and diet plan. Most people use ice-creams, cream, and syrups for topping over the warm waffles.

If you are very conscious about what you eat or consume, you can go for healthier food, such as honey, dried foods, veggies or yogurt, etc., to add nutritious value to your food or meal.

So, what kind of waffles is good for diabetics?

Go For The Waffle Makeover

The waffles are not totally out of the menu if you have diabetes-as long as you can use them or pair them more healthily with other food items than you can eat them. Try these tips.

  • Whole-Wheat Flour Is Best Than White Flour

Try to switch the rich toppings, such as butter and syrup, which have sugar or calories, with the fruits, such as blueberries and strawberries.

  • Use Flax Eggs Instead Of Eggs

You love waffles and can resist consuming or eating them when you have them in limited amounts once in a while. Also, you can replace the eggs with flax eggs, i.e., flaxseed with a nutritious egg portion.

Breakfast is an important part of daily startup; always try not to skip it; it fulfills the body with the energy you need for all-day work.


Suppose we say that waffles are also an excellent choice for breakfast if you twist them with the healthier items mentioned above—no need to worry about calorie intake.

You can enjoy your favorite meal or breakfast, and you need to replace unhealthier items with healthier ones. But, if you have diabetes, we prefer you take suggestions from your doctor before consuming a waffle.