Top 5 Best Calcium Supplement For Diabetes In 2022 [Updated]

Best Calcium Supplement for Diabetes

With the upsurge in diabetes globally, over a million recent cases diagnosed in the United States every year, there is a rise in the need for the best calcium supplement for diabetes. Electrolyte disorders such as diabetic ketoacidosis are being developed often in diabetic patients.

These patients exhibit a fundamental reduction of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate in their body system. Diabetes, popularly known as DM (Diabetes mellitus), is a disease-causing change that results in too much sugar in the human blood. 

The hormone called insulin moves glucose from human blood through the cells for either storage or energy. With diabetes, the body either doesn’t create sufficient insulin needed for its use or cannot put to judicious use the insulin produced.

In tackling this menace, it is imperative to modify the diet to include calcium supplements to ensure that body weight and blood sugar are checked. Research has shown that calcium as a mineral not only helps mitigate against the danger of osteoporosis related to diabetes but may also curtail the progression of the disease in patients who have been appropriately checked.

Top 5 best calcium supplements for diabetes

1 – NOW Supplements

is calcium supplement safe for diabetics

As a supplement ranked amongst the best calcium supplements for diabetes available for use, it is high in both calcium and magnesium, strengthening blood vessels and maintaining proper balance in body fluid. Diabetes and calcium levels are directly proportional. The higher the diabetes level, the higher the calcium level the human body requires to maintain balance in its fluidity and regulate blood sugar level. 

The report on calcium and insulin resistance has it that the NOW supplement can regulate insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells. An increase in calcium within cells available in the NOW supplement triggers insulin release. 

The role of calcium in diabetes is in its intracellular inflow and protection in pancreatic β-cells. Each tablet of the NOW Supplements has a calcium and magnesium proportion of 1,000mg, essential for adults only.  

The importance of the effects of Vitamin D on calcium in the pancreatic β-cells may be related to how it regulates insulin secretion under steady-state glucose concentrations in blood, e.g., low calcium and diabetes. During fasting, when Vitamin D regulates insulin secretion by independently from glucose concentration.

2 – Elements Calcium 

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When looking for the best calcium supplements for diabetes, look no further than this product. It encapsulates the perfect combination of ingredients the human body requires to reduce the blood sugar level and increase blood flow. 

It is m of Vitamin D2, calcium, silicon dioxide, cellulose microcrystalline, magnesium stearate, vegetable coating proportional to the body’s needs. Against general belief, prospective studies on diabetes and calcium levels confirmed that a higher intake of calcium is not associated with the risk of diabetes; somewhat, it reduces the dangers of diabetes. Vitamin D and calcium supplements weaken symptoms of diabetes mellitus. 

As stated by Melissa Joy Dobbins, ‘Supplementation of both vitamin D and calcium helps boost glucose metabolism. Calcium and insulin resistance according to research, and the result shows that; calcium may influence both insulin secretion and sensitivity. Although potential and cross-sectional analyses have looked into the relationship between diabetes and calcium. 

An outcome of the relationship is yet to be put together. Recent studies recommended differently in their proposition of doses per day for vitamin D in diabetic patients and non-skeletal diseases, including their designs. Thus, more extensive, well-constructed, and controlled studies on the potential role of calcium in diabetes management and outright prevention are needed to clarify the connection among vitamin D, glucose homeostasis, and calcium in diabetes with low calcium diabetes the focus.

3 – Citracal Calcium Supplement Gummies 70 e

diabetes and calcium levels

The immense benefits of citracal calcium supplements on bone health for diabetes patients must be carefully studied. Having diabetes has been said to cause an increase in the risk of osteoporosis, a predicament known as low bone density, as well as bone fractures. 

The tremendous benefits this product offers positions it among the best calcium supplements for diabetes. A review published in July 2011 in Diabetes/Metabolism Reviews and Research established that people with diabetes were more likely to suffer from fractures of the hip, foot, and spine than people without diabetes. To further establish the Diabetes and calcium levels, this increased risk is all the more reason to ensure you are stocking up on Citracal Calcium Supplement Gummies 70 e. 

Our body should offer vitamin D for calcium intake, with three ways available to get vitamin D, namely, sunlight, food, and supplements due to using sun shields and other means of protection against the sun’s heat. 

It causes a barrier to the human body’s capacity to generate the needed vitamin from the sun; people leverage vitamin D supplements and food rich in vitamin D to ensure a proper nutritional meal. While Calcium citrate Supplement Gummies 70 e easily digests and dissolves quickly, it can also be used with food or none at any time of the day. 

Calcium carbonate is the inverse as it does not dissolve quickly and requires gastrointestinal acid for digestion. It must be used with food to avoid stomach unease.

4 – Yoli Alkalete 

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The human body requires cleansing and restoration to average capacity before considering treatment using a maintenance dose; this product recognizes that and works its way around affording humans that leverage. The commencing amount for the product is one capsule daily for every 25 lbs of weight and is recommendable for the first seven days of its usage. 

It precedes a maintenance period of doses reverted to using by morning, one capsule and another in the evening. Yoli Alkalete was scientifically confirmed to escalate the human body’s pH level and helps it decrease levels of acid surplus for the body to be better fortified to grip the daily demands of living. 

By so doing, Alkalete will take the health of the human body to levels you never thought possible. As among the best calcium supplements for diabetes, the calcium and insulin resistance component used in its makeup affords diabetic patients the needed variety in a supplement. It comprises and electrolytes and mineral hydroxides promptly discharged for optimum effectiveness.  

Diabetic patients are more prone to use these supplements than those without the diseases, said to the American Diabetes Association. It suggests that supplements should not replace standard diabetes treatment as doing so would put your health under threat. People with diabetes must seek advice from a doctor, pharmacist, or nutritionist for safety.

5 – Jarrow Formulas Bone-up

diabetes and calcium levels

The role of calcium in diabetes maintenance and prevention cannot be overemphasized as among the best calcium supplements for diabetes availableThis calcium starts with the best source of calcium available considering diabetes and insulin levels: bovine bone hydroxyapatite free of chemicals and below two years range-grazed calves. Diabetic patients, however, require more than calcium to help their health stability. 

Scientific evidence finally demonstrates that other nutrients like vitamins D and vitamins K, potassium, boron, magnesium, and trace ingredients as copper, zinc, and manganese made up this product. Research has specified that 85% of women above the age of 20 and at least 50% of men from age 35 consume less than the required daily intake for calcium.

The intake of caffeine, alcohol, soda high in phosphorous, high protein diets, and sugar can deplete calcium. Also, calcium absorption has long been thought to be stomach-acid dependent, but both stomach acid production and calcium absorption decline with age. 

The outcomes of a clinical trial published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine found that exercise and supplementation of calcium, vitamin D3, and other micronutrients from Bone-Up significantly reduced insulin and improved the level of body sugar and the fluidity of blood. In union with a healthy diet, regular exercise like weight lifting2, calcium helps children and young adults build the bone frame and ensures a healthy bone. 

Also, it may lower the danger of osteoporosis later in their life. Calcium intake above 2,000 mg per day is not likely to provide extra benefit. Sufficient calcium intake reduced osteoporosis by decelerating bone loss in older people.

Benefits of Calcium for diabetics

The role of calcium in diabetes is essential since it is not restricted to growing new bones for babies and keeping healthy bones in adults.

Also, it aids in the reduction in the production of insulin in the body. 

Insulin hormones cause a high level of blood sugar; diabetes. Low calcium and diabetes call for calcium or calcium Supplements would mitigate against such occurrence or reduce the effect if such already occurred. Although calcium is best gotten from the diet, calcium supplements are a viable option if the diet falls short.

Calcium supplements are typical for treating and preventing osteoporosis, feeble and easily damaged bones, and its antecedent, osteopenia.

It’s a constituent of many antacids. Doctors also use it to regulate high levels of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium in human blood. There’s good evidence it can help prevent or control high blood pressure.

Some FAQs about calcium

Calcium supplements are supportive, but not all are alike. The following are frequently asked questions about calcium supplementation with our responses.

What quantity of calcium do I need?

GroupMilligrams Per Day
1 – 3 years500 mg
4 – 8 years800 mg
9 – 18 years1,300 mg
19 – 50 years1,000 mg
51 + years1,200 mg
Pregnancy and breast feeding1,000 – 3,000 mg

The quantity of calcium needed depends on age and status (whether pregnant or breastfeeding). The table below is necessary;

Which foods have calcium?

Contrary to the general belief that calcium is in dairy foods alone, it also has its source from several foods below;

Does the body produce calcium?

Dairy Foods 
Chedder cheese 204mg
Ricottz cheese, pert skim 169mg
Cottise cheese 150mg
Nondairy Foods 
Whole Grein Total ceres.’ 100 mg
Pink selmon with bones, serdines181mg
Slack teens 103mg
Sroccoli 150mg
Almonds 50mg
Soy Products 
Soy yogurt with celcium 300mg
Soy milk enriched with Glcium 300mg
Tofu, firm or extre firm 250mg
Soy nuts103mg

The body doesn’t create calcium, so reliance is on your diet and supplements to get the needed calcium. Diets rich in calcium are listed above, and the best supplements available were prior discussed.

Can there be an overdose of calcium?

Yes! Just like every other mineral and nutrient, there can be an overdose and abuse of it. The best calcium supplements for diabetes have the exact dose required. Symptoms such as constipation, gas, and bloating indicate that you have too much calcium.

How do I choose a calcium supplement?

Calcium citrate and calcium carbonate are the best formulae of the supplement. Calcium citrate digests well and efficiently when you have not eaten anything and does not lead to constipation. It doesn’t depend on stomach acid for digestion. 

You should also note that calcium must be used after a meal as it needs gastrointestinal acid to dissolve and digest. Because older people often have dwindled gastrointestinal acid, calcium citrate is a preferred choice over calcium carbonate.

Total and elemental calcium; what’s the difference?

The sum of elemental calcium is the same as its usage. During digestion, it is discharged from the carbonate, and citrate becoming available for absorption. Calcium carbonate provides 40% elemental calcium while the other 60% comes from the carbonate ingredient. Therefore, calcium carbonate of about 600miligram offers 240 milligrams of calcium. 


Calcium is essential to your overall health. Calcium is needed by the body extracted from several diverse foods, and if required, also from supplements. Calcium works hand in hand with several other nutrients like vitamin D and is imperative in keeping up a good diet and healthy life. Calcium helps to regulate the secretion of insulin and prevent or maintain the body from low blood glucose. 

As with any nutrient, you are to monitor calcium intake to have sufficient doses, not taking overdose or underdose of it. It is essential to review your medications with your doctor, pharmacist, or nutritionist before starting a calcium supplement.