Can Diabetes Cause Seizures

Meta: Diabetic seizures are associated with severe medical conditions; without proper treatment, they may turn out deadly. So, can diabetes cause seizures? We will know it all here.

High blood glucose is popularly known as hyperglycemia. It’s a common diabetic complication that can happen to anybody. If left untreated, it can lead to hyperglycemia-associated seizures. So, can diabetes cause seizures?

How Do Diabetes Seizures Happen?

Seizures happen when a large amount of electrical activity in the brain occurs. There are 2 main kinds of seizures, i.e., focal and generalized.

  • Generalized seizures occur when a large portion of both side’s brains is affected by disturbances in their everyday activity. Perception may get lost in case of generalized seizures.
  • focal seizure occurs when a particular brain region gets affected or damaged; awareness must be changed, not permanently lost. It often happens when the person is daydreaming.

What Are The Sources Of Diabetic Seizures? 

  • Improper Diet: Many things result in a diabetic seizure to occur. It may happen when excess or a large amount of insulin is injected into the body or if the person with diabetes doesn’t intake properly after using insulin.
  • Alcohol: Some reasons for this are not taking or consuming meals timely and drinking excess alcohol. Some oral anti-diabetes medicines also release too much insulin. 
can diabetes cause seizures

Despite all reasons, a medical emergency or instant help is always needed in some cases. So, what are the signs of a diabetic seizure?

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetic Seizures?

The initial symptoms of a diabetic emergency, such as diabetic seizure, comprise:

  • Confusion or an unstable mind
  • Excess Sweating
  • Emotional mood swings
  • Muscle weakness
  • Double vision
  • Unable to speak or having difficulty speaking

If low blood sugar levels are still not fixed, even if the above symptoms are observed, symptoms may progress into:

  • Uncontrollable body movements
  • Staring into vacant space
  • Unconsciousness

Once again, if you notice any symptoms mentioned above in yourself or your family member, call for emergency help.

Are Diabetics More Look Forward To Having Seizures?

One theory behind this term states that high blood glucose levels might increase the chance of seizures, and these theories are enough verified and tested. 

So, diabetics may look forward to having seizures chances.

How To Prevent A Diabetic Seizure?

Can high blood sugar cause a seizure? Some of the methods to prevent a diabetic seizure are listed below. 

  • By monitoring your blood sugar all day, notice that it responds to all stimuli.
  • Eat a timely, well-balanced diet containing healthy fat, protein, minerals, and carbohydrates.
  • Avoid skipping meals or snacks
  • Take any medication as guided by the doctor
  • Feel how your body starts responding when you observe the symptoms of lowered blood sugar levels.
  • Ensure that you are retaining the rapid-acting sugars or glucose capsule for emergencies.

Closing Thoughts

By reading all these, you know the answer to “can diabetes cause seizures?” you are now more alert to handle diabetic seizures than before. 

When you start observing the signs like confusion and weakening, try to consume some fast-acting sugar tabs. Notice whether these tabs show any positive response or not.

If still, you don’t have any improvement and the signs progress into the unconscious, it’s time for medical help or emergency.