Diabetes And Gangrene

The connection between the two terms diabetes and gangrene is still not clear among many people. Education or talk on these topics is necessary because it can clarify the difference between life and limb. So, what is the link between diabetes and gangrene? 

If not cured within time, gangrene can cause an urgent need for limb amputation. 

If you suffer from gangrene, you should need instant medical attention.

Extra attention is required to remove the dead tissues and stop the bacteria from spreading in your bloodstream or veins. Somehow left untreated than can cause severe infection or life-threatening problems.

diabetes and gangrene

So, what happens when a person with diabetes gets gangrene?

What’s The Connection Between Diabetes And Gangrene?

If you have a diabetes issue, the risk of developing gangrene is higher. High blood sugar levels can destroy your nerves, resulting in sensation loss and injury in the affected area.

  • Increased blood sugar affects your blood vessels and restricts the blood flow to your feet, creating a chain reaction.
  • If enough circulation is not getting into your feet, then some infection cells can enter your feet.
  • If infection-fighting cells are not enough in the area, then any wound takes longer to heal than normal.

How Is Gangrene Cured?

If you have gangrene, removing the infected tissues is essential, preventing the infection from spreading to other body parts.

  • Removing the infected tissue as soon as possible is essential, preventing the gangrene from spreading to other body parts.
  • Your doctor can also do debridement, which involves surgical removal of the affected area to prevent infection. Plus, suggest a skin graft to heal the damage from gangrene and any leftover defect after surgery.
  • A skin graft is a surgery in which the affected part is removed from the body and concealed with healthier skin. Healthy skin is takeout from an infected area on the body and used to hide the damaged or infected skin.
  • In many cases, the doctor will suggest that the foot, finger, or other infected parts be removed or amputated from the body as soon as possible. Antibiotics are essential to destroy any infection in the body.

So, how long can a diabetic live with gangrene?

How To Stop Gangrene From Spreading?

You can use various methods to stop the spreading of gangrene.

  • If you have diabetes, you should notice your feet and hands weekly for wounds or infections.
  • By paying regular attention to your weight, whether increasing or decreasing. 
  • If you’re overweight, it can put stress on your arteries ad veins, and this can restrict blood flow, which can increase the infection risk.
  • The element dressing is necessary. It’s important to stay wrap-up in cold weather, and frosty can cause gangrene. 
  • If the skin seems pale, cold, or desensitizing after being in contact with the cold, you should go for medical attention.
  • Smoking is injuries to health and quitting it is the best option. 
  • Tobacco use in the long term can weaken the blood vessels and make you more likely to get gangrene.


You can go for a physical examination by consulting your doctor and discussing your medical health. Tell the doctor about your recent medical history, such as trauma, injuries, and wounds that you have in the past.