Can Diabetics Eat Oven Chips?

Diabetics have food restrictions about what they can consume or what’s not. But, can diabetics eat oven chips?

So, if you are having trouble maintaining your blood sugar level and your diet plan, the consumption of chips and fries can put you at a high risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Do Potatoes Cause Increase Blood Sugar Levels?

The main source of carbs is potatoes, which affect the blood sugar level as the other food items do. 

Your body breaks the carbs into sugar, which flows into the bloodstream or parties.

The increase in blood sugar will automatically stimulate the hormone insulin in the blood and carry the sugar throughout the body in the veins. 

This process in the person has no diabetes, i.e., a healthy person.

So, can a prediabetic eat oven chips?

This doesn’t happen in the person having diabetes, and circulation doesn’t occur immediately and raises the body’s sugar level.

Therefore, consuming carb-rich food can be dangerous for diabetics. They may cause kidney, nerve, heart failure, etc.

Hence, diabetics must intake fewer carbs, only around 20-50 grams to 100-150 grams daily.

Can Diabetics Eat Oven Chips

Can A Diabetic Eat Oven Chips?

Yes, the chips have carbohydrates, but in limited amounts in can be consumed or fitted into the diet plan. 

They technically have no saturated fat but a medium amount of fiber and protein, and they are extremely low in sodium.

The Nutritional Facts About Chips

  • Amount Of Fat

The most important benefit of consuming over-baked chips is that you can select how deep-fried chips; you can do and estimate the fat content accordingly.

Oven-baked chips cooked at home with less fat, like a tablespoon or less olive oil. The fatty acids present in olive oil can be good for cardiovascular health.

  • Potassium Content

The oven-baked chips made from potatoes give a great source of potassium and essential minerals. 

Potassium has various bodily functions, such as regulating the fluid balance in the body and preventing blood pressure risk and bloating.

It also helps in nerve functioning in the body and regulates the transmission of electrochemical signals in the nervous system.

  • Vitamin C

The oven-baked chips can be used in a limited amount to source vitamin C. 

Each big potato has approx, and 73 mg of vitamin C; 97 & 81% are suggested to consume by women and men, respectively.

So, what is the connection between oven fries and diabetes?

So, by keeping this in mind, the oven–baked chips help fulfill the body’s vitamin C deficiency. 

If not done, the deficiency can cause the bones, teeth, and skin to break down along with blood vessels.

The vitamin C in oven-baked chips also supports your immune system; regulates the growth and function of white blood cells to keep you healthy and fit.


So, can diabetics eat oven chips? Whether the potatoes are baked, fried, mashed, or cooked, their high-carb amount is not good for diabetics.

You can choose those that have low carbs content in them. Also, you can go for the proper and limited consumption or cooking methods.

But before, you must consult a doctor about health and ask for suggestions on what to eat or not.