Can Diabetics Eat Jiffy Cornbread

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The question can diabetics eat jiffy cornbread arises when diabetics are craving for some sugar based food.

Diabetics can eat lots of different foods, just that they must not take much of it, especially if it’s a kind of food that can raise blood sugar and damage their health. 

People with diabetes can eat corn as it offers many nutrients and health benefits that can be added to a diabetics’ diet. Eating Jiffy cornbread must be added with protein to minimize the impact of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels.

Jiffy cornbread has about 90 to 180 calories per serving, which equals 1oz, meaning it is just the size of a small flour, just like a bit small. About 30% of 190 calories have about 12% carbs, which can affect blood sugar.

Therefore, people with diabetes can eat anything. It is eating much carbohydrate that raises blood sugar. Type two diabetics who are not using insulin should not go for cornbread at all as it can increase their blood sugar and damage cells in the body.

Corn itself is a healthy food containing vitamins, energy, fiber, minerals, and low fat and sodium. There should be a limit on carbs intake for a diabetes patient and monitor the number of carbohydrates you consume.

Diabetes patients should focus on eating more food with a low score of the glycemic index. Eating low glycemic index foods reduces blood sugar slowly and steadily, thereby regulating the body’s blood glucose. 

Foods that have a high glycemic score produces glucose quickly and may not control and damage body cells. The low glycemic index food score is lower than 55, the medium score for food ranges between 55 to 69, while for the high glycemic score of food, the score starts from 70 and above, which causes the blood glucose level to increase. 

A glycemic score of 100 is pure glucose, but corn has a glycemic score of 52, making it a good food for diabetes.

Cornbread Gestational Diabetes

This occurs when blood glucose increases during pregnancy. However, several methods can be used to control gestational diabetes, including eating a balanced and healthy diet

Gestational diabetes causes an increase in blood sugar that are above the normal range but can be managed by gaining appropriate weight. Gestational diabetes patient needs to watch their carbohydrate intake to prevent glucose level from becoming too high. 

Carbohydrate foods like milk, starches, fruit, and corn should be spread fairly throughout the day. Sometime you may feel like taking low carbohydrates in the morning due to hormone changes. To have a healthy baby, you need to constantly watch the kind of carbohydrate you take to manage your glucose levels.

You can also prepare cornbread using low carb flours, mixing it with butter and eggs. This recipe is a fantastic one. You can use some low carb sweetener instead of sugar to get the perfect taste you want. 

This recipe gives you a low carb cornbread while ensuring your blood sugar level is regulated. However, it’s not everyone with gestational diabetes that reacts to foods in the same manner. Therefore, it is necessary you follow dietary guidelines and monitoring what works for you.

Some FAQ’S About Jiffy Cornbread

Does Cornbread Increase Blood Sugar?

Cornbread is made up of cornmeal and frozen corn or fresh corn. These ingredients are very high in carbohydrates, which can be bad for people with diabetes as it can increase blood sugar levels.

Is Cornbread Okay for Diabetics?

Diabetics can eat cornbread as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and fiber, which helps keep the tummy full for a long time.

It is also low in sodium and fat, which makes it a good choice for diabetes patients.

Should a Diabetic Eat Cornbread?

People with diabetes can eat cornbread, but they have to make sure they limit the quantity of how much they eat. 

The cornbread recipe is something around 150-200 calories, out of which only about ten percent would be of carbs, but these are not complex carbs. These are simple carbs.

The Majority of the bread has simple carbs, and these carbs get broken down into one thing in the body: sugar.

Limiting the quantity you have of jiffy cornbread is crucial as you don’t want to load many carbs that turn into sugar into your body.

You have to be smarter than the disease and make your choice consciously.

Make sure to have a tiny piece of jiffy cornbread and don’t have it often. 

Once or twice a week is okay as long as you are controlling the quantity.


Diabetes is a lifelong disease, and it can only be managed with proper diet and sleep, and exercise. You are in this for the long run, so focus on eating good, but that does not mean you can never eat anything sweet.

Giving up the food that tastes good is very difficult. It’s better to indulge in something like a jiffy cornbread recipe once a week if you truly focus on controlling the quantity you consume.

I hope i have answered your queries regarding can diabetics eat jiffy cornbread.

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