Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn

Popcorn is a full-grain snack that is healthy and widely known as one of the best snacks for diabetes patients. People with diabetes take popcorn because of its low-calorie density, and it aids weight control and promotes a low blood sugar level in diabetics. 

Popcorn is rich in fiber and has a low glycemic index compared to several other snacks out there. Popcorn is an additional healthy food that diabetes can add to their diet.

Popcorn provides nutrients for diabetes because it is the content of carbohydrates. It doesn’t hurt the blood sugar as another snack does. Research made by the American Diabetes Association made it known that serving 3 cups of popcorn equals a diabetic allocated amount of popcorn, approximately 15grams of carbohydrates

People with diabetes must not exceed two servings or six cups of popcorn at a time for it not to have a counter effect. 1-ounce of microwave popcorn bags has about 21grams of carbohydrates, making it a perfect portion for diabetes patients to consume.

Can Diabetes Eat Movie Popcorn?

Diabetes patients are advised to take 3cups of popped corn and ensure it has not been cooked with added fat like butter or oil. This is a disadvantage for diabetes patients because it reduces the value of nutrients of the popcorn. 

Much ready-made popcorn and the ones sold at stores contain many sugars, hydrogenated fats, and salts, same with movie popcorn. This is why movie popcorn is not good for diabetes patients. 

It is safe to get the kernels and pop it yourself, either using a stove or heating it in the microwave. Add a little salt to it, sprinkle garlic and use onion powder instead of flavor. You can also use a mixture of thyme, basil, and other herbs to season your popcorn.

What Kind of Popcorn is Good for Diabetics?

The best kind of popcorn for diabetics is the one made with artificial sweetener. Diabetes patients can only eat 100 calories of popcorn that is of low fat. People with diabetes can make their own popcorn using the natural popcorn, mix thoroughly with onion and garlic powder. 

While adding flavor to your popcorn, makes sure you don’t use salt and butter, which is not good for diabetes management. 

In its natural state, popcorn has a low glycemic index score food, which has fiber, fat, and protein like other food with a low glycemic index score, which slows down the body’s metabolism when food is absorbed.

Foods like popcorn are thought to be healthier because of their slow digestion and steady blood glucose levels. They are good for Type 1 diabetes and diabetes Type 2 patients and they help manage their glucose, fat, and insulin level.

Kettle con varieties popcorn is not good for diabetes because they have lots of sugar added to it. You can make use of artificial sweetener for your popcorn if you must make it sweet. Maintaining a beneficial diet is necessary for diabetes to reduce complications such as heart diseases, nerve damage, stroke, and heart attack. 

Diabetes patients should also avoid adding many extras to the normal amount of popcorn being consumed. The best option for taking the best nutritious popcorn for diabetes is to choose plain, unbuttered and does not contain hydrogenated oil. This minimizes extra fats and calories and does not cause a blood sugar spike.

Can Diabetics Eat Movie Popcorn?

When you go to a movie, you would be annoyed during the intermission cause lots of people must be munching on popcorn. 

This will give you an idea of having popcorn, but you have to keep in mind that the movie theatres popcorn is usually mixed with salt and other stuff.

The timing is also critical when you are going for a movie. If it’s a particular time when your body can process more carbs, you can go for a small portion of the movie popcorns. Make sure to share the popcorns with someone. Devouring a whole bowl of popcorns at movie theatres is not a good idea for people with diabetes.

It would be great to totally forget about popcorns and make a conscious choice of choosing a good high protein based food which is available at the cinemas.

Some say even the coffee goes cold when you are totally immersed in the movie.

What kind of popcorn is good for diabetics

A better opinion would be to watch the movie at home and make yourself a good healthy bowl of unsalted popcorn. 

Does Popcorn Convert to Sugar?

All carbohydrates convert into sugar in the body. Popcorn is full of carbs, so yes, they convert into sugar into the body, but the amount of sugar converted into sugar is far less than the amount of food you consume. 

“Two and a half cups of air-popped popcorns are almost equivalent to 2 tablespoons of sugar.”

So having popcorn is the perfect choice for people with diabetes.

“74 grams of carbohydrates are there in 100 grams of normal popcorn,n and it has 18 grams of sugar”

Diabetics should be aware of choosing the type of popcorn they are going to have.

What is Air Popped Popcorn?

Air-popped popcorns are made from the air popper device. They are made quickly, and they are different from microwaved popcorns in terms of taste. 

Some people prefer microwaved popcorn and add a lot of favors to it to make it tasty. 

Air-popped popcorns are made without any of these added flavors, and thus it makes it a healthy alternative for people with diabetes.

Does Popcorn Raise Blood Pressure?

Sodium is known as a reason, and it leads to hypertension.

Movie theatre popcorns have high carbs and high salt, leading to excessive sodium in the body. This is why people with blood pressure and diabetes should consume unsalted popcorn, leading to increased blood pressure.

Is Popcorn Good for Cholesterol?

Popcorns are full of grains. They have more grains than brown rice and whole wheat bread. Grains help you get more fiber in your body, and the more fiber you have, the better is it for lowering Cholesterol.

If you go for microwaves popcorn with oil and salt and butter in it, you are on your way to increasing your Cholesterol levels to the roof.

People with diabetes should avoid going for these types of popcorn and always choose unsalted and plain air-popped popcorns that lower the cholesterol levels and manage your diabetes better.

Is Popcorn Low Gi?

Air-popped popcorn comes at a GI level of 55 at the higher end of low GI Foods. 

They are 100 percent unprocessed and come with no additives that make them a healthy whole grain snack.


I hope we have covered all your queries regarding popcorns and diabetes. Make a healthy choice and always take care of your diabetes with proper decision making.

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