Is Brown Sugar Better For Diabetics

There are misconceptions related to brown sugar according to its prevalence. So, you may wonder, is brown sugar better for diabetics?

Both white and brown sugar generates from similar sources, while brown sugar gets touted as a natural, healthier alternative to white sugar.

You should know the main differences with the health effects that become of greater importance whenever you are a diabetic.

Today’s post will help describe whether brown sugar is better than white sugar, especially when you suffer from diabetes.

Nutritional Profiles

Both brown and white sugar is generated from the sugarcane plant or the sugar beet while they are nutritionally similar.

Brown sugar mainly constitutes the addition of molasses to refined white sugar, and it offers them a darker color supplied in smaller amounts rich in minerals and vitamins.

Brown sugar has reduced carbs and calories instead to white sugar.

Brown sugar even consists of a more significant amount of iron, calcium, and potassium, although these amounts are of similar nutrients discovered in general servings that are not significant.

These reveal the more minor fundamental differences affecting your health and body. There is also a significant study on what is better for diabetics, honey or brown sugar.

Sugar Levels Spikes With Both

Both white and brown sugar consists mainly of table sugar or sucrose.

GI, or Glycemic index, measures the extent to which a few specific foods increase blood sugar levels.

Here it appears that white and brown sugar increases blood sugar levels along with foods that include sweet potatoes, French fries, and popcorn.

is brown sugar better for diabetics

Diabetics should be cautious about maintaining healthier blood sugar levels, which is amazingly vital. 

Your intake should become moderate whenever you consume sugar and carb-rich foods offering better control of blood sugar and reducing the risks associated with the complications of diabetes.

Which One Should You Pick?

If you are suffering from diabetes, brown sugar is not a healthier option.

Always understand that each type of added sugar is limited to being part of your healthy, well-balanced diet.

Excessive sugar intake increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and more.

A few studies suggest that excessive sugar intake can impair insulin sensitivity, which refers to how your body reacts to insulin. It is the hormone regulating blood sugar levels.

The affected sensitivity to insulin can aid in reducing the ability to transport sugar out of your bloodstream to each cell. So, does brown sugar spike blood sugar?

Therefore diabetics should become extremely careful in their intake of sugar.

The American Heart Association suggests reducing the added sugar being under 6 teaspoons every day for women and under 9 teaspoons daily for men.

If you have diabetes, curbing your sugar intake can help to improve control of your blood sugar levels and promote your entire health.

The Closing Thoughts

To know if brown sugar is better for diabetics, you should know that despite a few differences that lie with the taste, both white and brown sugars have identical nutrient profiles. 

It affects blood sugar levels significantly. To help develop the right diet plan, always get in touch with your doctor or a registered dietician.

Therefore, brown sugar does not provide any benefits to people with diabetes.

As a result, brown sugar will never offer any significant benefits to diabetics. 

However, you should always have proper control over your intake and get them replaced with other alternatives. It is vital to adhere to the guidelines to lead a diabetic lifestyle.