Can Diabetics Eat Ham

If you have diabetes, you may have thought about whether you can eat ham since ham has a lower content of carbs as the primary nutrient affecting the blood sugar in one’s body. So, can diabetics eat ham?

Ham is mainly processed red meat derived from a pig’s rear leg. 

It is mainly preserved by smoking, curing, aging, and hanging, which means that despite ham’s health benefits, there are a few constituents in them that are not healthier for your health.

Nutritional Profile Of Ham

Ham has processed meat with higher saturated fat contents that increase sugar levels in your blood. The other massive cause that alarms diabetics are a ham’s high sodium content.

So, can ham raise your blood sugar? Let’s check it out!

It reveals a greater chance of increasing your blood pressure and likely a severe risk for coronary heart disease as it is more proximate to half what is recommended by the FDA’s daily value of 2300 mg.

Irrespective of the alarm it triggers related to the consumption of ham, it is rich in healthier doses of selenium, niacin, and phosphorus that help with the proper functioning of the body with adequate management of cholesterol levels. 

  • It even enhances the immune system.
  • It is rich in protein and has lower carbs and calories.

Can Diabetics Consume Ham?

Regarding whether ham should be included or omitted in the diets of diabetics, research on ham and diabetes is still ambiguous. 

However, this study examines its alleged advantages and any hazards connected to diabetics who use it.

Benefits Of Ham For Diabetics

Precisely, the kind of ham and the mode of preparation can determine that it is linked with its effects and benefits. Let us check out a few benefits this meat offers diabetic patients.

  • High Potassium Content

A study looking at the relationship between potassium and the risk of type 2 diabetes found that people with low potassium produce less insulin, which unintentionally raises blood sugar levels. 

Fortunately, ham has a good quantity of potassium, which could help people with diabetes. Further study is still needed on this, though.

can diabetics eat ham

So, what kind of ham is best for diabetics? Let us find out!

Should Diabetics Avoid Ham?

  • The Rich Content Of Saturated Fats

Coronary heart diseases commonly get linked to diabetes. In this case, consuming saturated fats is advised thoroughly against all. Sadly, processed meats such as ham have a higher saturated fat content.

As noted by the studies, trying the alternatives of saturated fats and trans fatty acids offers the most effective effect on insulin sensitivity as it potentially reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • High Nitrate Content

To give processed meats like ham color and increase shelf life, manufacturers combine the nitrates with the meat, which preserves the ham’s fresh flavor. 

However, people with diabetes are negatively impacted by nitrates.

In type 1 diabetes, increased nitric oxide generation kills pancreatic beta cells and decreases insulin release in the islets of prediabetic rats, according to studies.

Alternatives To Try

Ham is well-known for its incredible mouth-watering taste, and diabetics should reduce its consumption or remove it from their diet even more. However, they can rest assured because they can enjoy various alternatives to ham.

But, you have the assurance that since there are varied alternatives to the ham that one can enjoy, including pork tenderloin, pork chops, and steaks, make sure to exclude the white fat by cutting them out.

Wrapping Up

To know if diabetics can eat ham, it is essential to understand that ham is associated with several risks for people with diabetes. 

At the same time, you can still start enjoying the real taste of animal protein without possible health risks. But, before all, you should contact your doctor about how much you can eat if you have diabetes.