How To Lower A1C – Useful Guide For Controlling A1C Level

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For diabetic people, A1C is a much-known thing to them as it tells about their diabetic management plan. A1C is a test ion which home blood sugar of a person is tested plus and if the test shows abnormal results then doctor prescribed some of the important tools required to manage it. To know how to lower a1c, this test is necessary plus the test provides temporary results or a snapshot. Besides this, it is necessary to have this test at a regular interval of time for knowing about your blood sugar.

About A1C Test

It is very important that every human being blood sugar should be stable plus those who are diabetic need to pay close attention to their blood sugar. A1C test should be done twice in a year, and this can be done through your blood sample. Also, since your diabetic management plan started these test are continuously conducted by your doctor. Through this, he/she came to know the working of your plan plus also modified it to make the plan effective and result oriented.

What Is The Meaning Of A1C Result?

Glucose is the other name of the blood sugar, and in this test, blood sugar is measured. Through Glycated hemoglobin, your blood sugar is assessed. Also, let’s understand it in detail. Our red blood cells consist of hemoglobin and glucose then bind up with hemoglobin. So, when there are traces of excess glucose, then it indicates that your blood sugar level is not stable of normal. Besides this, it is basically in the form of a percentage i.e. high percentage means unstable blood sugar and lower percentage means healthier you. After this test, doctor make the plan about how to lower a1c level fast?

Ways To Lower Your A1C

Let me tell you one thing that controlling your diabetes requires a few patients and efforts. Besides this, there is only one way lower A1C, and that is going to a healthy lifestyle. Plus it is very common to have fluctuation in your blood sugar once in a month but if it is happening regularly, then it is a sign that only healthy lifestyle saves you. Also, a diabetic management plan is like a job, and you cannot take unnecessary leave on it.

  • Exercise is the first thing in it, and light exercises are enough like hiking, walking, running plus you can play your favorite sports or ride a bike, etc.
  • A healthy diet is not enough as you should eat food in proper portion plus quite the over starchy food in your diet no matter how healthy they are?
  • Make a schedule plus follow it seriously as it is like your examination schedule. Many patients are very excited at the beginning of the plan, but after three to four days they just give up.

Besides all of this, do not ever forget to go for a regular checkup and A1C the test. You can see all your hard work through this test. Plus also have a diabetic test kit at your home as it will help you to know about the blood sugar fluctuation and will give you an idea as for how to lower a1c?


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