Grapes And Diabetes: 10 Benefits Of Grapes For Diabetics

A diabetic patient should always include different fruits in their daily diet. You should always focus on the sugar content in the fruits cause some fruits are loaded with sugar. 

Grapes are healthy fruit for everyone, but there are many different types of grapes and eating the right one with proper moderation is the key to getting its benefits.

You must be wondering if diabetics eat grapes or if grapes are safe to include in the daily diet to focus on the benefits of grapes for diabetics.

Grapes are juicy and sweet fruits loaded with many minerals, vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients. The GI, which stags for the glycemic index of the grapes, is 43, so it qualifies for a low GI food category.

Can Diabetics Eat Grapes

Yes, people with diabetes can eat grapes in moderation, and they can get all the benefits this juicy and tasty fruit has to offer. Grapes also have antioxidants in them, which help diabetics regulate their blood sugar and prevent from getting complications of diabetes.

Benefits Of Grapes For Diabetes

1- Helps The Immune System – Grapes are a good source of vitamin C, which helps fight against viral and bacterial infections like yeast infections. The body will have a better chance to fight against short-term illness.

2- They May Prevent Cancer – When people with diabetes consume grapes, they have a great chance to stay away from cancer. Grapes are full of antioxidants, so they help the body fight against free radicals.

3- They May Lower Blood Pressure – Grapes have low sodium content, so they are suitable for a low sodium diet that reduces blood pressure.

grapes and diabetes

4- Grapes Protects Against Heart Disease– Grapes have potassium in them, which helps in keeping the heart safe. There has been a study in which it was found that people who had more potassium in their diet than sodium have a lower chance of diseases related to the heart.

5- Grapes Help In Reducing Cholestorel – Any diabetic who has issues with cholesterol levels should include grapes in their diet. Grapes are full of fiber, so they are a good option for lowering high cholesterol levels.

6- Grapes May Protect Against Diabetes – Grapes have a low glycemic index so that they won’t raise your blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that grapes might lower blood sugar levels, and they may also increase insulin sensitivity, which helps use the glucose for the body.

7- Grapes Will Keep Your Brain Healthy – Grapes have resveratrol in them, which benefits the body in many ways. This powerful antioxidant can help reduce oxidative stress, which positively impacts your brain.

8- Grapes Improve Bone Health – Grapes are full of vitamins and minerals, and they have vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium, which help keep the bones strong. Any person with diabetes who has issues with bone health should include grapes in their diet to improve their bone health.

9- Grapes May Slow Down The Aging – If you want to look young and healthy, then you should include grapes in your diet. Resveratrol in grapes is the antioxidant that helps stimulate a gene linked to a longer lifespan. It affects the cell structure and protects cells.

Some genes lead to healthy aging and the longevity of one’s life.

10- Grapes May Help Improve Sleep – If you have diabetes and have sleep issues, you should include grapes in your diet. Grapes are low in calories, and they also have the chemical needed for sleep which is “Melatonin,” which can help you improve your sleep cycles.

It would be a good idea to eat grapes as an evening snack so that the melatonin in them can help you fall asleep better.

Some FAQ On Grapes For Diabetics

Do Grapes Raise Blood Sugar Levels?

There are many different types of grapes, and all of them have additional content of sugars in them, and also, they all fall in other GI numbers. The black grapes don’t increase blood sugar levels, and in fact, they can help reduce blood sugar levels.

How Many Grapes Can A Diabetic Eat A Day?

A person with diabetes has to be particular about meal sizes as minor mistakes can spike blood sugar levels. Grapes are low in calories, but they still have to be eaten in moderation. A person with diabetes can have around 32 grapes which are still low in calories.

Which Color Grapes Are Best For Diabetics?

Grapes come in different types and colors, but black grapes would be the best choice for diabetics. Black grapes help regulate insulin levels and also up the insulin sensitivity.

Can A Type 2 Diabetic Eat Red Grapes?

The red grapes have a glycemic index and low glycemic load, so they are suitable for people with type two diabetes. If a diabetic eats grapes in moderation, they shall reap all the benefits of grapes for diabetics.

Are Black Grapes Good For Diabetics?

As we mentioned earlier, black grapes are very healthy for diabetics and non-diabetics as they are low in calories and have a lot of health benefits. They also taste pretty good, so always try to add grapes to your diet.

Can Diabetics Drink Grape Juice?

For people with diabetes, it’s always better to go for whole fruits instead of juices. Grape juice is higher in calories than whole grapes, so it would be better to go for raw grapes than grape juice for diabetics.


Grapes are a healthy choice for everyone when eaten in moderation, and particularly for diabetics, grapes can be very beneficial. Grapes provide many health benefits and are also low in calories.

Regular consumption of grapes can be significant for people with diabetes, and they can get all the benefits the fruit has to offer.

I hope we have answered your query can diabetics eat grapes in a detailed manner, so start adding the juicy fruit to your diabetic diet.