Custard Apple For Diabetes

Custard apples are from Annonaceae’s family and are found in every residence. Being one of the most loved fruits, custard apple for diabetes works best.

Custard apple is in the shape of a heart and is well-known for its sweetness and aroma. They arrive in several varieties – The African Pride & Pink Mammoth, and both these varieties are rich in flavor and juicy.

Can A Diabetic Consume Custard Apple?

Are custard apples high in sugar? Well, the fruit is rich in anti-diabetic composites. Therefore, it is safe to mention that people with diabetes consume custard. Whenever they are consumed in small contents, they are effective against diabetes.

The fruit is lovely; however, its glycemic content does not affect much.

The antioxidant property helps improve insulin production and thereby slow down the absorption rate of blood glucose.

The custard apple leaves have several anti-diabetic properties, making them the best fruit for individuals who have diabetes.

How Good Is Custard Apple For Diabetes?

If you take custard apple moderately, it can potentially bring your diabetes in control. The glycemic load and index of custard apples are lower than a person with diabetes can have.

As noted, custard apples are rich in dietary fibers, have slower absorption of sugar, and, therefore, are a good diet for people with diabetes. It is usual for people with diabetes to eat custard apples as it effectively lowers blood glucose levels.

Benefits of Custard Apples for Diabetics

Before knowing how to use custard apple leaves for diabetes, it is essential to explore the varied health benefits associated with it, such as:

  • High Antioxidant

Custard apples have rich content of antioxidant levels that helps in warding off the free radicals present in our bodies, reducing oxidative stress, and fighting against coronary diseases and cancer.

Custard apples are rich in flavonoids, vitamin C, kaurenoic acid, and carotenoids having potential antioxidant effects.

  • Good Brain Condition

Custard apples are rich sources of vitamin B complex and therefore are incredible sources of vitamin B6. The vitamin aids in creating neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin, that regulate our mood.

The B complex is known to control the GABA in our brain’s neuron chemical levels being responsible for varied emotions we are expressing.

It helps in our eye health.

Due to custard apple glycemic index, the fruit is a valuable source of riboflavin and vitamin C responsible for keeping our eyesight in the best conditions. 

The existence of lutein, antioxidants, helps to maintain better vision.

  • Offering Better Heart Health

Custard apple consists of an acceptable proportion of sodium and potassium, helping regulate blood pressure levels. A higher amount of magnesium can help to soothe the healthy muscles and prevent them from strokes.

Closing Thoughts

Custard apples for diabetes work wonder since they come with several perks. The fruit is quite sweet and is consumed in a varied manner, and it consists of anti-diabetic content, but one should consume it moderately.