Is Red Wine Good For Diabetes

People who are suffering from diabetes have a greater likelihood of facing heart diseases than people who do not have diabetes. So, is red wine good for diabetes? We will know it all here!

A few studies have noted that consuming red wine in moderate amounts can reduce the likelihood of coronary diseases. Still, a few other studies caution people suffering from diabetes from not consuming it.

Awareness About Diabetes

More than 28 million adults across the United States suffer from diabetes, among 10 people based on the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures.

Type 2 diabetes is when the body is not generating much insulin and misusing it, and it causes a more significant increase in blood sugar.

Several cases of this type of the disease are noted to be type 2 diabetes, so does wine raise blood sugar? We will come to it. 

Individuals with diabetes start controlling sugar or blood glucose levels with different medications. Proper diet management can bring your blood sugar levels under control.

is red wine good for diabetes

It is located across several different foods, including fruits, starches, bread, and sweets, while carbohydrates are the micronutrient leading to increased blood sugar levels. Management of carb consumption can aid people in controlling their blood sugar. 

On the contrary, alcohol may increase blood sugar levels and even cause it to go down.

Effects Of Red Wine On Diabetics

So, what type of red wine is best for diabetics? As noted by renowned organizations, red wine consumption or any alcoholic beverage can reduce blood sugar levels for about 24 hours.

It is recommended to check the blood sugar before the consumption of the liquid and keep a check on it about 24 hours after drinking.

Low blood sugar and intoxication can have their share of different kinds of similar symptoms; therefore, failing to inspect blood glucose can make others assume that you feel the effects of an alcoholic beverage while, in reality, your blood sugar is reaching the lowest levels.

A few of the alcoholic beverages will include the drinks using juices or a mixer highest in sugar constituents, increasing the blood sugar levels.

Benefits Of Red Wine For Diabetics

A few studies note that red wine has its own benefits, especially for diabetics. But can I drink red wine while taking metformin

A recent study noted that moderate consumption of red wine could lessen the risks of coronary heart disease in individuals with properly controlled type 2 diabetes.

The study shows that several participants were monitored extensively for several years. One of the groups has a glass of red wine since dinner, one group has white wine, and the other has just mineral water. 

For a couple of years, the group of red wine drinkers had higher levels of enormous densities of lipoprotein than what they had performed earlier with lesser cholesterol levels. They even witnessed the different benefits of the control of glycemic levels.

The researchers have noted that consumption of red wine moderately in conjuncture with a nutritious diet can significantly lessen the risk of coronary heart troubles.


To summarize, is red wine good for diabetes? You should note that red wine has higher constituents of polyphenols and antioxidants, and it comes with several health benefits when consuming it moderately. 

The key here is moderation, and the timing for consuming alcohol with food intake requires to get considered mainly for the ones under diabetes medication.