Can Diabetics Eat Graham Crackers: 4 Benefits Of Graham Crackers For Diabetics

In order to manage blood sugar volume and remain healthy, people living with diabetes must be cautious about their diet and focus on eating balanced meals at the right time and in the ideal portions. 

Unsure whether or not they can eat any kind of snack, people with diabetes have often been found asking what type of snack they can take; they are constantly asking this question: “Can diabetics eat graham crackers?”

Graham crackers were brought to light by a Presbyterian minister in Connecticut called Sylvester Graham in the 1800s; the significant ingredients are flour, oil, honey, molasses, sugar, etcetera. 

During this time, the snack was very healthy for anyone to eat; however, in recent times, many unhealthy additives are being added to the snack, which makes it not so much of a healthy snack anymore.

But does this entirely rule out Graham crackers? Not at all.

4 Benefits of Graham Crackers For Diabetes

It is highly imperative for people with diabetes to watch the amount and type of nutrients in any meal before eating them. They need to watch out for carbohydrates and unhealthy fat amounts in any snack. Every meal containing carbs that you eat is quickly turned into glucose, which increases your blood sugar volume.

To normalize your sugar levels, always combine meals that contain carbohydrates with other meals that contain nutrients like vitamins, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. 

As a diabetic patient, snacks with fewer carbohydrates but more vitamins, proteins, and other beneficial nutrients are the best options.

Graham crackers are one of the many snacks that people can take with diabetes as they are neither high in calories nor saturated fats. While the snack isn’t entirely unhealthy, it can benefit if paired with other foods with better nutrients.

To answer the question on your mind: “can diabetics eat graham crackers?” We are going to look at some benefits of Graham crackers for diabetes.

can diabetics eat graham crackers

1. Lowers Cholesterol: Cholesterol, also called lipids, is the fat found in your blood; a healthy amount of cholesterol is essential for cells to function. For people living with diabetes, it is vital to check cholesterol levels from time to time because a high level of cholesterol can lead to health complications.

Graham crackers contain a low amount of cholesterol, which does not negatively affect your cholesterol levels. This is great for diabetic patients because a lower cholesterol level means that fat isn’t being accumulated in the blood, lowering the chances of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and stroke.

2. Aids Weight Loss: The Glycemic Index volume of any food determines how that food would influence blood glucose level. The lower the GI, the lower its ability to cause an increase in blood sugar.

Graham crackers have a glycemic index of 74, which is pretty much high; however, the fiber contained in the snack helps to keep you full for a while. This is especially helpful in curbing your hunger and cravings and stops you from overeating and becoming obese. 

The snack is also low in calories which is another way it aids weight loss.

3. Contains Fiber: Aside from helping to manage your appetite by keeping you full, the fiber in Graham crackers aids digestion, prevents constipation, and promotes slow absorption of sugar into your blood.

The high fiber available in Graham crackers also promotes normal blood glucose levels and manages blood pressure. It is a good snack for people with diabetes because it maintains stability and gets rid of excess glucose in the body.

4. Contains Healthy Fat: Graham crackers are a known source of healthy fat. Studies have shown that eating healthy fats helps lower blood sugar levels, improves insulin control, prevents type 2 diabetes, and lowers cholesterol. Diabetic patients are advised to replace carbohydrates with healthy fats. 

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Faqs On Graham Crackers And Diabetes:

☑️ Are Graham Crackers High in Sugar?

The GI levels of food determine how quickly the food causes your sugar levels to spike up. Graham crackers have a GI of about 74, which is kind of high which means the snacks will be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream and will be stored as glucose. 

Its high index also means it contains sugar and carbs; however, Graham crackers can be eaten with caution. It should be consumed in small portions and paired with other balanced meals.

☑️ What Crackers Don’t Raise Blood Sugar?

Crackers with whole-wheat low-fat cheese are the best options if you’re looking to regulate your sugar levels. Cheese supplies protein, and on the other hand, whole-wheat crackers give dietary fiber. Be sure to select a healthy type of unrefined cheese. 

Whole-wheat and whole-grain crackers do not have high glycemic index levels, meaning they have minimal effect on blood sugar levels.

☑️ Can Diabetics Eat Graham Cracker Crust?

Yes, people with diabetes can eat Graham cracker crust. They are a rich source of Vitamin B and dietary fiber, which helps manage unnecessary cravings, prevent constipation, aid digestion, and optimize blood pressure.

☑️ Can Diabetics Eat Honey Graham Cracker?

Yes, it is safe for people with diabetes to eat honey graham crackers. This is because the amount of honey in graham crackers is usually considered insignificant.

The honey should, however, be pure and unprocessed. This is the type of honey that is safe for people with diabetes. You should also eat honey Graham crackers in small amounts.

☑️ Can Diabetics Eat Graham Crackers and Peanut Butter?

Natural and unprocessed peanut butter has a low glycemic index score. This means that when you eat it, your blood sugar levels do not increase immediately or become too high. People with diabetes are advised to avoid foods high in carbs and eat foods containing high amounts of protein and fiber, and peanut butter is one such food. 


I’m sure we answered the question: “can diabetics eat graham crackers?”. They are entirely not an unhealthy snack for people with diabetes; however, caution should not be thrown to the wind when eating them.

The bottom line is always to pair graham crackers with other balanced meals, eat graham crackers minimally, and always check the ingredients used before purchasing. Avoid graham crackers that contain unhealthy fat, processed honey, and sugar. 

In choosing your graham crackers, endeavor to read labels before purchasing.