Can Diabetics Drink Tequila

The essential thing that every diabetic should know is the effect of alcohol on the levels of blood sugar in her body. So, can diabetics drink tequila

Our post will help you decide on that!

There are a few people who may ponder their thoughts on whether tequila will affect their blood sugar levels compared to other alcoholic drinks. 

A few people may even start speculating whether the drink is associated with health benefits or not.

Tequila – Beneficial Or Not?

Tequila is typically considered distilled liquor made out of the fermented juice of the Agave Tequilana plant.

The agave plants are comprised of agavins, a form of carb made out of the lengthier chains of fructose. 

These Agavins act massively as prebiotics, and the food is extremely beneficial for the bacteria in your gut.

The agavins may lead to certain distinctive benefits, such as:

  • enhanced composition of gut microbiota
  • reduced inflammations
  • promoting the feelings of fullness
  • enhanced resistance of insulin

Insulin resistance occurs when the cells fail to respond correctly to insulin, which is the hormone helping regulate blood sugar and leads to higher blood sugar levels.

There are a few speculated health-related benefits of agavins since they are associated with more significant weight loss. 

Weight loss is considered the treatment strategy to aid in controlling the blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Sadly, agavins and the rest of the sugars present in agave juice get converted into ethanol during the fermentation process of tequila. It is considered a drink through the potential benefits.

There are no human studies available on this subject. Therefore, no strong inferences are made on the potential benefits of health from the aggravated plants, tequila, or agavins.

You may wonder, will tequila raise blood sugar? You should start considering both the drink mixers and the entire intake of alcohol whenever you are diabetic.

Carbs In Tequila

Considering the carb content, tequila is a highly suitable choice of drink for people with diabetes compared to other alcohols.

It offers about 0 grams of carbs and sugar every 42-ml serving, considered the standard shot similar to the other distilled spirits.

On the contrary, about 12-ounce of the regular beer intake offers 12 gms of carbs, while other cocktails such as daiquiris may start to pack up an entire 35 gms of crabs in 7-ounce servings.

can diabetics drink tequila

However, it is vital to bear in the mix that these mixes consequently affect the carb content of the drinks. 

Therefore, it is important to avoid sugary juices and sodas while drinking tequila or any other alcoholic beverage.

Alcohol And Blood Sugar

Alcohol consumption is often linked with several health effects that can become detrimental and lead to some severe health complications.

Additionally, alcohol starts impairing the regulation of blood sugar in the following ways:

  • Restricting glucose production in the body: Glucose helps maintain the proper levels of blood sugar in the body.
  • The temporary rise in insulin secretion may often lead to consistently lower blood sugar levels.
  • Slowing down the body’s response to insulin eventually leads to an increase in your blood sugar.
  • Changing the effectiveness of medications for diabetes: It negatively affects the treatment or better management.

So, is there a lot of sugar in tequila?

When you pick tequila, the standard composition equals about 45 ML. Meanwhile, the standard consumption of beer equals about 12 ounces, and for wine, it is 5 ounces.

Closing Thoughts

Can diabetics drink tequila? It depends! Tequila consists of no carbs, and it is the best choice of alcohol for people with diabetes, especially when compared with the other alternatives.

Always consult your doctor before consuming tequila or any alcohol, mainly when you are diabetic and taking the prescribed medications.