Can Anorexia Cause Diabetes

Anorexia is typically a condition related to mental health severely impacting a person medically, and it can lead to numerous physical ailments. So, you may often ask, can Anorexia cause diabetes?

Explaining The Condition Of Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder that prevails through an intense fear of becoming fat and gaining weight. 

To avoid such condition, people suffering from this condition limits the amount of food they eat seriously.

A few individuals facing Anorexia may even start by restricting their food intake, while others engage in compensatory behaviors to lose weight. 

A few instances of compensatory behaviors may include the use of laxatives, purging, and abusive exercises.

Over the entire time, such behaviors often make a person malnourished. 

A person’s body struggles to function optimally without any proper addition of nutrients. It creates medical dangers for them, leading to a few specific medical conditions.

You may often ask, “do anorexics develop diabetes?” Let’s get to this later.

The other main feature involved with the condition of Anorexia is that instead of the adverse consequences, a person with this type of disorder will not be aware of their struggle. 

They may appear to have a bigger body that drives them into continued restrictions despite being malnourished.

In the commencing phase of Anorexia, the body might not reveal any symptoms or signs of struggles, which appears to complicate things even further. 

It may fool someone into thinking they are doing good but are not.

This entire aspect is confusing and tricky for medical providers and loved ones who have no idea about screening for Anorexia. 

It leads to a person developing intense, severe medical conditions that stay undetected till the symptoms are due to severity and out of control.

Anorexia And Diabetes

A few specific eating disorders enhance the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes. And Anorexia does not increase through this risk. So, does Anorexia affect blood sugar? 

But, people suffering from type 1 diabetes are more likely to have an eating disorder than those who are not diabetic.

People suffering from re-occurring diabetes and disordered eating may sometimes hide their eating disorders behind their diabetic condition.

can anorexia cause diabetes

For instance, they may start restricting certain groups of food, and a few may mention it because they face diabetes whenever it is done in reality according to the manifestation of the eating disorders.

Diabetic people may even start misusing their insulin as their mode of losing weight, and this condition is considered diabulimia.

There are adverse health consequences related to such behavior, and the signs of eating disorders in people with diabetes are as follows:

  • An unexplained rise in A1C levels
  • Concurring episodes of the diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Greater mode of exercising and recurring hypoglycemia

Recovery From The Physical Effects Of Anorexia

The condition of Anorexia is caused due to a massive range of side effects on one’s body. 

There are a few physical side effects, including osteoporosis or bone loss, and it is not reversible. 

But, if you are recovering from Anorexia and nourishing yourself in the best way, there are several symptoms to health that can get better.

You are getting the proper treatment for you and your loved ones dealing with Anorexia. Treatments can enhance the chances of recovery.

There are varied treatment options as it, depends on the uniqueness of your requirements. 

You will come across a varied range of treatment options as it depending on your requirements.

Final Thoughts

So, can Anorexia cause diabetes? Our post has covered the topic intensely, and this condition enhances the odds of you developing diabetes and even mental health conditions requiring better treatment.