Can Diabetics Drink Coke Zero

Recently, Coke Zero has been mainly termed the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and is advertised as the healthier alternative to the original sugar-sweetened beverage. So you may wonder, can diabetics drink Coke zero?

It consists of zero calories and sugar while they offer the best flavor like Coca Cola and therefore, it is the most appealing drink among the ones who try reducing their intake of sugar and controlling their blood sugar levels.

The post here focuses mainly on Coke Zero and its connection with diabetes as the healthier alternative.

Overview Of Coke Zero

Coke Zero has been marketed since 2005 and is popularly branded as the low-caloric sugar-free option to options with soda

Diet Coke came into the market in the 1980s. And they have variants of ingredients with the distinctive flavors of the original Coke.

Although Diet Coke was quite popular, Coke Zero focused on attracting people who wanted it to have the original flavor of Coke and perceiving the health benefits of diet coke. 

Diet Coke and Coke Zero have fewer calories; however, they are highly authentic.

Ingredients In Coke Zero

So, does Coke Zero increase blood sugar? For this, we should check out the ingredients first.

Coke Zero is created from two prominent artificial sweeteners, aspartame and acesulfame-K. 

Although other coloring and flavoring are combined to offer Coke Zero to the original Coca-Cola related to the quality of both sweeteners, diabetics should be consuming it moderately.

Risk Of Diabetes With Coke Zero 

Coke Zero is highly popular for being sugar-free. But, the substitutes of the sugar that it consists of are never an option for individuals that reduce the risk of being diabetic.

As noted by the studies, it is indicated that consumption of this soda, including artificial sweeteners, increases the probability of type 2 diabetes.

can diabetics drink coke zero

There are other studies conducted showing that there is a close link between sweetened sodas and artificially sweetened diet beverages and type 2 diabetes. 

Both of them switch to diet soda; however, the risk of diabetes is not reduced through it.

So what is more included with a study stating that women who consumed artificially sweetened beverages increased their potential risk for diabetes? 

However, the risk of consuming alternative beverages even increases the potentiality of the risk.

Extensive studies showed that middle-aged adults never located any link between the consumption of Coke Zero and a significant increase in diabetes.

However, the outcomes of the studies are conflicting enough and fail to explain how artificially sweetened beverages increase your risk of becoming diabetic. However, more research studies are required.

A Few Downsides Of Coke Zero

Is Diet coke or Coke Zero better for diabetics? Coke Zero is mainly artificially sweetened beverages connected with several other issues with health, such as:

  • Greater Risk Of Heart Diseases

Observations are made to locate the connection between artificially sweetened beverages and a greater risk of heart disease, especially in women with no history of coronary heart disease.

  • Greater Risk Of Kidney Diseases

The higher content of phosphorus present in sodas may damage the kidneys. Studies noted that the ones who consume at least seven glasses of diet soda each week have a risk of kidney disease.


If you wonder if can diabetics drink Coke zero, then you should understand that it does not add any nutritional value to your diet. 

The long-term effects of consuming these diet sodas remain unclear. Finally, consuming these beverages is entirely on you but first, discuss them with your primary doctor.