6 Best Green Tea Brands For Diabetes In 2022 [Updated]

There are lots of green teas in the market but to find the best green tea brand for diabetes you need to follow along.

Studies have shown that green tea reduces the likelihood of getting diabetes, most especially diabetes type 2, as it is the common type of diabetes. Green tea is free from calories naturally and doesn’t contain sugar. 

It is best taken as a beverage in addition to one’s diabetes diet. Another study has proven the usefulness of green tea in reducing body fats and as well as getting obese. Diagnosed diabetes patients can benefit from green tea as it helps to reduce and manage blood sugar.

If you must get effective results from using green tea, you have to stay away from foods and things that can cause a spike in blood sugar. A rise in blood sugar leads to inflammation and promotes the cellular aging process. 

Green tea has an antioxidants content, which helps to stimulate fat loss and reduces diabetes risk.

5 Major Brands of Green Tea

1 Lipton Green Tea: This type of tea is made with artificial coloring, preservatives, and additives. They are best enjoyed when they are taken from the green tea bags and served hot or cold.

2 Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Tea Ginger: This green tea brand contains spicy ginger and natural green tea blended with traditional medicine products. It aids digestion and rid away nausea, including ginger, which has lots of health benefits. A cup of this tea can be added to the diabetes diet regimen.

3 Antioxidant Green Tea: This brand of green contains ingredients like dandelion, lemongrass, and flavors that enhance its taste. Antioxidant green tea has a Grapeseed extract that gives lots of natural antioxidants.

4 Mint Green Tea: This tea is a special green tea brand with soothing flavors and refreshing spearmint

5 Cinnamon Tea: Cinnamon still stands out among the best brand of green tea for diabetes. Cinnamon tea helps to lower blood sugar and shows effectiveness 12hours after consumption.

Some FAQ’s About Green Tea for Diabetics

Is Lipton’s Diet Green Tea Good for Diabetics?

Diabetes is known for its severe conditions in which blood sugar levels are high. The pancreas that ought to be regulating the blood glucose level stops and diabetes is a sickness that cannot be healed completely, which is why it is important to manage diabetes well.

Lipton brand contains different types of calorie-free ingredients and fits into the diabetes diet plan as it supports weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases. 

Green tea is often recommended for diabetes patients to help normalize their blood glucose levels and lowers the rate of digesting and absorbing starches. 

Studies also show that green tea offers other health benefits, like reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Green tea is of great benefit to both type 1 and types 2 diabetes; type 1 diabetes patient through the burning of fat gets dangerous chemical substances into their blood while type 2 diabetes patient is at high risk when they have high blood pressure, obesity, poor nutrition and kind of shape where the extra weight lies around the waist region. 

Taking the Lipton tea brand helps to reduce this risk and maintain good health.

How Much Green Tea Should a Diabetic Drink?

There is not really something like too much green tea. It has no calories and works on your digestion. You should be aware of the type of green team you are consuming. 

It is caffeinated and decaf green tea is available everywhere.

Some studies have shown that participants were having 1-6 cups of caffeinated green tea per day, and the ones having more were able to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

You can easily go for 2-4 cups a day, and it will work wonders for your digestion and gastric problems too.

How to Prepare Green Tea for Diabetes?

When preparing green tea for diabetics, the most important thing is to avoid milk-based green tea or add sugar to the green tea.

I advise you to have the green tea raw with mild to slightly hot water. 

You can also mix basil with it if you want some more flavor.

Some people make different types of green teas at home, and they try and experiment by adding different ingredients.

You can also add some organic honey with less sugar, which is really good for sinus-related issues and throat problems. Honey can also bring sweetness to the green tea but make sure you know how much sugar is there in 1 spoon of the honey at your place. Try to get honey with less sugar.

Another great thing to add to green tea is lemon. Add half a lemon if you are taking two bags of green tea, and the lemon will give you a nice dose of vitamin c.

Regularly preparing and consuming this power-packed combo of green tea will work wonders for diabetics, and their bodily issues will be reduced.

Does Green Tea Trigger Insulin?

Some studies have done this, and it says there are polyphenols in green tea that might spike insulin. It also said if milk is added to the green tea, it will slow down its process.

Everyone has a different body type; always take some cups of green tea and do your sugar readings to see which green tea brands are elevating your insulin.

Does Decaf Green Tea Lower Blood Sugar?

Yes, decaf green tea is a better option for people who get stimulated with caffeinated green tea. 

A study done on a diabetic rat has shown that regular consumption of decaf green tea can improve insulin resistance and hypertension.

Does Green Tea Cause Diabetes?

A study on the Chinese population shows that green tea’s regular consumption does not risk getting type 2 diabetes. In fact, it helps lower the risk of getting diabetes, so green tea should be a part of a diabetic’s diet plan.

Which Brand of Green Tea Has the Most Antioxidants?

People with diabetes need to consume food in their diet, which has more antioxidants cause it can help them improve their overall health and get rid of the toxins in the body.

Almost all the brands we have mentioned of green tea have a good level of antioxidants for diabetics.

Is Green Tea Better or Metformin?

Metformin is prescribed to diabetics when they are not able to manage their diabetes with proper diet and exercise. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

Studies have shown that green tea is much better than metformin, and it’s a great alternative for people using metformin.


Hope we have answered all your queries around green tea and the best green tea brand for diabetes. You can choose any of the brands from the above list and see how the green tea brand is affecting you.



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