What is Coptic Salt for Diabetes

Diabetes patients are prone to developing heart disease or stroke at an early age of their life. People with diabetes need to take proper medication to lower the high blood pressure rate and other preventives to care for their heart and kidneys from high blood pressure. 

To manage your blood pressure, there is a need to modify diets and beware of your daily lifestyle’s sodium intake. The appropriate reading for diabetics’ blood pressure should be lower than 130/180 mmHg. 

Every salt contains sodium that is needed in little amounts in the body, Coptic salt for diabetes, Himalayan salt, plain salt, or old table salt. 

A tsp of salt is the same as 2300mg of sodium, and the proper sodium needed in a diabetic’s diet should not be more than 1500 to 2300 mg daily. When you take too much salt, it increases the quantity of sodium in the blood and retains water. 

The abundance of water in the blood causes the pressures in the walls of arteries, which is the pipe, causing a high rate of arteries hardening and increased strain on the tender blood vessels that lead to the kidney area.

Blood pressure occurs when there is a hard push of blood in opposition to the arteries’ wall when the heart is pumping. This leads to hypertension known as high blood pressure, strokes, and other related heart problems.

When this kind of situation happens in diabetes patients, the effects are gross because of the high blood glucose already in the body, damaging the arteries. 

Here are some ways to reduce the salt intake in your diet. The following tips would help;

  • Go for a lower sodium brand of food: always check the tag on the body of the food products you are buying. Look out for foods that have less than 360mg of sodium for every serving.
  • Ensure you rinse and drain thoroughly canned foods products. It is shown according to studies that; sodium is reduced by 41% when you drain and rinse canned goods.
  • Always go for a fresh meal. There is a high sodium level in several processed and packaged food out there, and they are not salty when tested for recognition. Foods like cheese, frozen foods and pizzas, pieces of bread and rolls, canned foods, deli meat, and the likes are great contributors to sodium and should be avoided by diabetics. You can substitute deli meats for fresh meats like chicken breasts.
  • Use salt substitutes like lemon juice, herbs, and vinegar in your cooking. Be careful of salt substitute products containing sodium or potassium as both negatively impact the person’s health with diabetes.

Coptic Salt Where to Buy

Sodium controls the balance of fluids in the body and also maintains moderate blood pressure and blood volume. When you take too much salt, it raises blood pressure, leading to fluid retention. 

This fluid sometimes causes the feet to be sweet and puts health in danger, especially for diabetes patients. Coptic salts can be bought from Amazon. There are different brands to choose from and more details about the quantity that can be found on Amazon.

Top 3 Coptic Salts To Buy for Diabetics

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