Tomatoes And Diabetes: 5 Benefits Of Tomatoes For Diabetics

You must be aware that many adults have to live with diabetes all their lives. According to the reports of the world health organization (WHO), 422 million people were affected with diabetes in the year 2014, while only 108 million people were affected in 1980.

This indicates that globally, diabetes has almost doubled in number. According to some experts, by the year 2030, diabetes will be among the world’s most dangerous diseases, killing people.

Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose level becomes uncontrollable due to the abnormal metabolizing of the sugar in the body.

In today’s time also, many people do not have knowledge and awareness about this disease, and late diagnosis of the disease makes it hard to manage. If the condition is not diagnosed at the right time, it can cause many health complications and, in severe cases, death.

Though you can not completely cure diabetes, you can manage it to live a happy and prosperous life.

You should regularly check your blood sugar level after having every meal. To manage your diabetes well, follow a healthy lifestyle, know the food you should incorporate in your diet, get regular checkups, and maintain a healthy weight.

Are you wondering if there is sugar in tomato diabetes? Can diabetic eat tomatoes? To know if tomatoes for diabetic people is a good choice or not, read the complete article to get detailed information.

Can A Diabetic Eat Tomatoes?

The clear answer to the question is yes; a diabetic person can eat tomatoes without causing any health issues. Tomato is considered an ideal fruit for diabetic patients because it is high in fiber and has low glycaemic value.

You should include tomatoes in your diabetic diet in the form of curries, soups, and salad to obtain their nutritious value of it. A person can eat around 200 grams of tomatoes daily without hiking their blood sugar level.

can diabetics eat tomatoes

You can incorporate tomatoes into your diet as you wish. You can consume them in raw form or cooked form. To consume the tomatoes in raw form, just take fresh tomatoes, slice them up and sprinkle a little rock salt on them. You can consume tomatoes in soup salad and sprout form also.

To spice things up, consume tomato as a feeling of a sandwich or as a topping option on vegetables and the chicken.


Tomato Benefits For Diabetes

It becomes essential for people with diabetes to manage their weight and blood sugar level by opting for healthy food. A nutritious diet can help a diabetic person manage their cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce the risk of other health complications linked to type 2 diabetes.

Tomatoes provide many health benefits to a diabetic person as they are loaded with potassium, vitamin C, and lycopene (pigment present in tomato). Here we have an overview of all the health benefits you can reap from consuming tomatoes.

1- Lycopene, the pigment that gives the red color to the tomatoes, helps reduce the risk of heart disease in a diabetic person.

2- Carbohydrate content is low in tomatoes, and thus it does not spike the blood sugar level in a diabetic person. This fruit has no impact on the blood sugar level and is safe to consume.

3 – Tomatoes have a very low glycemic index value and are best for a diabetic person

4 – It is also high in fiber and has low calories that help you to keep your body weight in check

5 – Tomatoes are known to reduce and manage blood pressure in type 2 diabetic people. Remember, tomatoes and diabetes type 2 are linked.


✔️ Do tomatoes raise blood sugar levels?

No, tomatoes do not raise the blood sugar level. Fresh tomatoes have a low glycemic index value. Due to the low glycaemic index value, tomatoes release the natural sugar present in them slowly and steadily into the blood of a diabetic person and do not raise the blood sugar level.

✔️ How many tomatoes can a diabetic eat in a day?

A diabetic person can add 200 grams of tomato or around one and a half medium-shaped tomatoes to their health without causing any health complications. It would be best to incorporate tomatoes into your diet to sustain a healthy weight.

✔️ Is tomato soup good for diabetics?

Tomatoes are a perfect fruit for a diabetic person because they are rich in fiber and have a low glycemic index value. You can add nutritional value to your diabetic diet by including tomato soup and can be assured that it does not cause any health complications.

✔️ Is tomato juice good for diabetics?

Tomato juice can be beneficial for type two diabetic people because it helps to save you from many heart problems that can result in the complication of the disease. According to a study, tomato juice has a blood-thinning effect on people with diabetic diabetes disease.

✔️ How to make tomato juice for diabetics?

Tomatoes are the perfect fruit for a diabetic person because it is low in glycemic value and high in fiber. It provides much nutritional value, and people should incorporate it into their diet in raw fruit, soup, juice, or curry for many health benefits.

Make tomato juice for a diabetic person. All you need are tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, curd, mint, and rock salt. Just blend the garlic, tomatoes, and cucumber together and mix it with curd and other ingredients. That’s it; your tomato juice is ready.


Diabetes is a deadly disease if it is not appropriately managed. It is essential to know what you can consume in a diabetic diet and whatnot.

If you were confused that diabetics can eat tomatoes, the answer is yes. Tomatoes are an excellent food for diabetic people because it provides many health benefits and can be incorporated into a diabetic person’s diet without any health concerns.

If taken in the right amount, tomatoes are known to provide various health benefits to a diabetic person, like reducing heart disease, managing diabetes, and lowering the cholesterol level in the body.