Is Coconut Sugar Good for Diabetics?

Coconut sugar is quite different from other sugar in many aspects, such as its more nutritious and lower glycemic index value. So, is coconut sugar good for diabetics? 

This article will clear all your doubts related to the fact whether coconut sugar is healthier than normal one or not. 

Can Coconut Sugar Is Suitable For Diabetics?

The research by American Diabetes Association, coconut sugar is not a good replacement for traditional sugar. 

Even if it has a lower glycemic index value, it still raises the blood sugar level.

It is because the carbs and calories are the same as the traditional sugar.

In addition to this association, many associations have suggested avoiding sugar intake in any form for people having diabetes, as they can be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in the future.

Comparison Of Coconut Sugar With White Sugar

The best way to check how food affects the blood sugar level is GI (glycemic index). 

The higher the GI value, the faster the food gets digested and absorbed in the blood, causing a sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

Low GI will get slowly digested and cause the blood sugar to rise gradually.

The GI of coconut sugar is lesser than the traditional white sugar, i.e., 54 and 65, respectively. However, both sugars increase the blood sugar level in the body.

So, does coconut sugar raise blood sugar? It should be avoided with people having diabetes as many cause heart disease.

Is Coconut Sugar Good for Diabetics

How Does Coconut Sugar Cause A Raise In Blood Sugar Levels?

Even though coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index than white sugar still causes a rise in blood sugar levels in the body.

When you intake sugar in any form, your pancreas release the insulin that can cause an increase in blood sugar level. Insulin is the hormone that uses sugar to produce energy.

Sugars in any form, whether coconut, white, honey, etc., will cause an increase in blood sugar levels. 

For diabetics, it is best not to consume sugar in any form and use safer items such as stevia.

So, can coconut sugar be used for diabetes?

Benefits Of Coconut Sugar For Diabetics

As discussed already, there are no benefits associated with sugar for diabetics. But some studies can link or show coconut sugar’s health benefits.

  • Coconut sugar is best for preventing hypoglycemia than traditional ones.
  • Coconut sugar also has potassium, zinc, and calcium, which are great for treating electrolyte imbalance in the body. It helps in maintaining the blood pressure and heart rate in the body.
  • Zinc is known for its functioning of immune system immunity, helps heal wounds, and has various beneficial properties.
  • Calcium is well known for providing strength to the bones and teeth and regulating muscle and nerve functioning.


At the end of the article, is coconut sugar good for diabetics?

It is clear that coconut sugar is not a special type of sugar and is similar to white sugar in terms of benefits.

So, whether you think about using coconut sugar instead of white sugar minimizes the effect on health. Then, probably, you are going wrong.

Still confused about coconut sugar, then consult with the doctor; they will guide you in the right way. Plus, also clear all your doubts.