Okra And Diabetes | 6 Benefits Of Okra For Diabetes

Okra And Diabetes

Diabetes can be a nightmare, but we have to deal with it. Because even if it sucks, we can’t fight with it with a dull face. So, let’s talk about a thing that works as a great weapon when it comes to Diabetes which is OKRA. Even its name has a wonderful spirit that kind of says I can deal with anything in seconds.

Let’s understand and discuss all the aspects in which Okra can help you deal with Diabetes. Basically, it has shown magical results in many experiments, which we will discuss further. But first, let’s discuss the benefits of Okra for Diabetes, how it influences Diabetes, and how you can use it for your help, etc.

Okra Benefits for Diabetes

With help from Okra’s positive and therapeutic effect, many people have seen excellent results for their Diabetes. 

  • Okra (scientific name – Abelmoschus esculentus) helps in controlling blood sugar levels for Diabetes. 
  • Also, it is an entirely non-toxic and nutritious superfood with no side effects. 
  • This seedy green food helps lower blood sugar levels by reducing the absorption of sugar in your intestine. 
  • Okra is full of vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc with a meager amount of calories. But the main profitable factor of Okra is its fiber which helps diabetic people.
  • Furthermore, Okra helps in preventing and improving constipation with its therapeutic effect.
  • Small portions of Okra are beneficial but consult your doctor before making considerable changes to your diet.

How Okra helps in Diabetes

Many studies, Vitro and Vivo types have shown that Okra has magical effects in the case of Diabetes. As per the General of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences, which was published in 2011, it was revealed that diabetic mice fed showed a gradual decrease in blood sugar level after having Okra extracts for ten days. 

Also, many people had reported a decrease in their blood sugar levels when they started having okra juice ( Cut up pieces of Okra, put the pieces in the water overnight, then drink it in the morning)

Furthermore, Roasted Okra Seeds have been used as a traditional medicine in Turkey for Diabetes for generations. Okra helps the body stabilize the blood glucose level by slowing down the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.

Okra for Gestational Diabetes

Okra has always shown a therapeutic effect on gestational Diabetes. Now let’s understand this therapeutic effect on gestational Diabetes with Mellitus rats induced by streptozotocin.

But first, let’s understand what gestational Diabetes mellitus ( GDM )?

Gestational Diabetes mainly affects the blood sugar level in pregnant women. It severely impairs the health of maternity and infants. Also, it is closely related to adverse pregnancy outcomes.

okra for gestational diabetes

Now let’s study the results that were shown on gestational Diabetes by the past experiments. So initially, the experiment aimed to explore the effect of Okra on gestational Diabetes Mellitus rats and its probable molecular mechanism.

It was revealed in the studies that Okra extract was very rich in antioxidants substances. We can avoid excessive consumption of antioxidant enzymes. Also, Okra suppresses oxidative stress and insulin resistance, and hence it improves the blood glucose level of GDM rats.

Okra and Glycemic Index

Let’s talk about the glycemic index of Okra, so basically, the glycemic index is a value assigned to every food based on how quickly or slowly it affects the body’s blood sugar level. 

The Glycemic index of Okra or ladyfinger is 20, which is considered a low glycemic index range that means it is suitable for diabetic patients.

As per the Nutrition Journal and other research, Okra contains more antioxidants than many other vegetables present, making it a superfood for us.

Okra or ladyfinger has a low glycemic index, i.e., 20 means regulating sugar levels. Also, it’s low in calories, so that you can eat a hundred grams serving and gain only 33 calories.

FAQs on Okra and Diabetes

✅ Can a Diabetic Eat Okra?

Yes, a Diabetic can eat Okra. It is very nutritious with the ability to regulate sugar levels in the body. It contains low levels of cholesterol with High fiber contents and antioxidants qualities.

✅ How does Okra help in Diabetes?

Okra is a potent food that helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels. It lowers blood glucose levels by slowing down the rate of sugar absorbed by the intestinal tract.

✅ Can be eating Okra lower blood sugar?

Yes, Eating Okra lowers blood sugar levels as Okra lowers the absorption rate of sugar from the intestinal tract.

✅ Does Okra lowers glucose level?

Okra helps in reducing glucose levels with the help of its excellent therapeutic properties. 

✅ How do you make Okra water for Diabetes?

You just need to do the following steps to make Okra Water for Diabetes:-

  • Please take a few okra pods (medium-sized) And wash them properly
  • Cut the ends of the Okra pods with the help of a knife and split the pods in half.
  • Then, take a jar or a tumbler, Add 3 cups of water and pods in it.
  • Let the Okra pods soak overnight.
  • Then, Squeeze the pods in the water and take them out.
  • Now we can drink the water.


Overall, we can conclude that Okra is a superfood that helps a lot in lowering blood sugar levels with its therapeutic properties. I hope this article would have been helpful and have answered all your queries. Sometimes, Diabetes can look like a devil, But remember your angels are there for you. So, Don’t lose hope and keep fighting.

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