Is Prawns Good for Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, everything becomes a question, like what to eat, how much to eat and how to eat, etc., to maintain a diabetic lifestyle. So, is prawns good for diabetes? 

There is various restriction or consideration you have to take care of. 

Can Diabetics Eat Prawns Or Not?

You must follow many rules when adding seafood to your diabetic plan. Before discussing the Prawn and Shrimp for diabetics, good or not, let us answer the question directly. 

Of course, Shrimps and Prawns are good for diabetics.

So, can prediabetics eat prawns?

These seafood items are great for the diabetes-centered diet or plans. They have high values of nutrients needed by the body and don’t harm blood sugar levels.

Is Prawns Good for Diabetes

Health Benefits Of Prawns For People With Diabetes

The major nutrients in the prawns help maintain blood glucose levels, and it has low carbohydrates and zero sugar content. Thus, having them in the meals doesn’t affect the glucose levels, making them great for the diabetic.

  • Synthesis Of Insulin

Protein increases the synthesis of insulin in the body, and this helps maintain blood glucose levels. Moreover, it also helps regulate insulin levels. 

Additionally, prawns are rich in protein, a great energy source to prevent fatigue or unconsciousness.

  • Reduce The Risk Of Blood Pressure 

Long-term diabetes may regulate the blood pressure chances of fluctuation. 

The omega-3 fatty acids in prawns maintain the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce the fat collection along the blood vessels from blood circulation blocking and reduce blood pressure risk.

  • Maintain Diabetic Neuropathy

Long-term diabetes may affect the nervous system and cause many diseases. 

So, do prawns raise blood sugar?

Resulting in the loss of sensation, pain in the body, and much more. Vitamin B and B12 in prawns contribute to the repair of nerve cells.

  • Reduce The Chance Of Muscle Cramps 

The other side effects of long-term diabetes are muscle cramps and bone pain, so the potassium in the prawns can regulate the electrolytes or fluids. Due to this, the accumulation of liquids is reduced.

  • Strengthens Your Immune System

Diabetes may affect your immunity, weakening the resistance to the disease and infections. Selenium and zinc help in boosting the immunity of the body

  • Diabetic Dermopathy Chances Reduced

Diabetic dermopathy is a disorder that occurs in the skin because of diabetes. It has signs such as rashes, wrinkling, and discoloration. Also, vitamin E content is essential for maintaining skin health.

Tips For Eating Prawns

Prawns can be used in various ways in a balanced diet and in salads, soups, and many other ways. However, try to have it by cooking instead of frying. 

Here are some of the tips for consuming the prawns.

  • Prawns can be consumed in various ways, such as grilled, steamed, fried, cooked, and roasted.
  • It can be cooked or made with shell and without the shell.
  • It is guided to devein the prawns before cooking or frying, and the vein may cause a gritty taste.
  • In a few minutes, it’s cooked, so ensure your presence while cooking.
  • Avoid overcooking as it makes prawns harder.


So, is prawns good for diabetes? Prawns are an excellent choice for people has diabetes as it’s full of healthy nutrients such as low carbohydrates and zero sugar levels.

The glycemic index is low, which makes it highly safe for diabetics. But, consult the doctor first and ask for the best suggestion as keeping your medical history in mind.