Is Oregano Good For Diabetes

Diabetes and oregano are closely connected, and oregano is the herb considered a staple addition to every diet. But is oregano good for diabetes?

Oregano has a rich flavor and is known to add some warmth to dishes associated with a touch of sweetness.

The elements present in oregano can aid in the management of diabetes. It is noted that a few individuals use the leaves of oregano and oil to manage their levels of high blood sugar.

Type 1 diabetes is considered an autoimmune disease, and experts do not recognize its cause; however, oxidative stress plays a significant role.

Health Benefits Of Oregano

Let us now dig deeper into the varied benefits oregano brings along.

  • Higher Consistencies Of Antioxidants

Oregano has a sumptuous amount of antioxidant properties that are the elements that aid in fighting the damage occurring from the hazardous free radicals moving throughout the body.

The collections of the free radicals are connected closely to chronic diseases such as heart and cancer.

Various studies have discovered that oregano oil and oregano have rich constituents of antioxidants.

is oregano good for diabetes

The essential oregano oil has high amounts of thymol and carvacrol. These are the two antioxidants aiding in preventing the damage to the cells caused due to the free radicals.

It consists of a blend of other high-antioxidant foods such as veggies and fruits, as oregano offers a good dose of antioxidants to improve your health.

  • It Aids In Fighting Bacteria

Oregano consists of a specific element having the potential properties of antibacterial.

One study has shown that oregano essential oil aids in blocking the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli, two distinctive strains of bacteria leading to infections.

Some other studies have found that oregano has effectiveness against the 23 bacterial species.

The studies have even compared the antimicrobial activities of oregano, thyme, and sage essential oils. Oregano is considered highly efficient in working against bacteria and thyme.

  • It Has Traces Of Anti-cancer Properties

Oregano is a rich antioxidant. These are the elements that help neutralize the damages of free radicals as they help to prevent cancer.

A few studies are showing that oregano and its elements can aid in killing cancerous cells.

Studies even involved the treatment of human colon cancer cells with oregano extracts and discovered that it stalled the growth of the cancer cells and aided in warding them off.

  • It Helps In Reducing Any Viral Infections

Additionally, a few studies discovered that oregano and its elements could safeguard against a few damages to fight off bacteria.

Specifically, thymol and carvacrol are the two elements in oregano that are linked with antiviral properties.

  • It Helps In Decreasing Inflammation

Inflammation is the normal response to immunity occurring due to injury and illness.

However, in terms of chronic inflammations, it contributes significantly to the diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

  • It Can Get Added To The Diet

You may consider oregano to get served as a topping that only relates to pasta and pizza dishes as it is the most versatile herb being used in numerous ways.

For the nutrient-rich salad, you should also try blending the oregano leaves with the rest of the greens.

Concluding Thoughts

While searching for answers on whether oregano is good for diabetes, it is essential to note that the herb boasts some great powerful benefits that it brings to your health. 

However, even if your blood sugar levels fail to get under control, get in touch with your local physician for further dietary recommendations.