Is Dried Cranberry Good for Diabetes?

It was discovered that consuming high-fiber SDCs positively affected peak blood glucose and insulin concentrations and prevented the excessive peaks that accompany the ingestion of simple sugars. So, is dried cranberry good for diabetes?

Using Cranberries To Manage Diabetes

Because cranberries are generally low sugar, fat-free, and an excellent source of fiber, experts from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma collaborated.

They wanted to see if eating cranberries may lower the level of blood sugar in persons with Type 2 diabetes.

In the highlighted research, individuals were split into two groups. Both groups consumed a high-fat breakfast, but one team also received dried cranberries while the other received bananas.

After-meal blood tests on those who had had cranberries with breakfast showed moderate but significant favorable impacts on blood sugar levels.

Future research may offer encouraging news for the 29.1 million Americans who deal with diabetes every year, opening the door for more exploration.

So, does dried cranberry increase blood sugar?

is dried cranberry good for diabetes

Dietary Information On Dried Cranberries

Cranberries that have been dried are incredibly high in vitamin C, low in fat to aid with fat loss, and a good source of vital nutritional proteins and fibers.

Additionally, dried cranberries provide the essential range of B vitamins to control metabolic and cellular energy needs.

Along with important anthocyanin and flavonoid antioxidants, the dried fruits include a substantial amount of potassium for an adult’s daily needs. 

In addition to these essential trace elements, citrus fruits include zinc, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Health Advantages Of Dried Cranberries

  • Increases Immunity

Eating a few dried cranberries can meet the daily need for vitamin C. 

The system’s white blood cells use vitamin C to boost immunity and facilitate iron absorption for improved blood circulation.

  • Keeps Your Heart Healthy

This dried fruit helps to keep blood pressure within normal range since it naturally contains significant quantities of potassium. 

So, what are the dried cranberry benefits for diabetes? More on it here.

Additionally, it reduces harmful LDL cholesterol levels and increases beneficial HDL cholesterol levels while also improving the activity of the heart muscle.

  • Calms Down Muscle Cramps

Magnesium, a mineral essential for healthy muscular function, may be found in dried cranberries. 

These dried fruits are a great alternative to help relieve muscular cramps and soreness because of their considerably high magnesium content.

  • Reduces Indigestion

Dried cranberries’ important dietary fibers help guarantee regular bowel movements after consuming large meals. 

When food is digested, and the necessary nutrients are assimilated, this is essential to control kidney function and filter out any hazardous waste items.

  • Strengthens Bones

The calcium found in dry cranberries is assimilated by the body’s bones, assisting in maintaining ideal bone density for routine bodily activities and flexible, unrestricted motion.

Dried cranberries’ extremely high potassium concentration supports bone health by improving the body’s cells and tissues’ ability to absorb minerals.


So, is dried cranberry good for diabetes? 

There are many advantages of taking cranberries, including treating urinary tract infections and joint discomfort, preventing type 2 diabetes and cancer, and promoting healthy heart health.

Always consult your doctor before ingesting it, though, since it must be used moderately and in moderation—not in excess.