Can Diabetics Have Papaya

Fruits are the healthiest alternative to a snack and a balanced meal, consisting of various essential nutrients like fiber. There are a few fruits that consist of higher content of sugar, affecting diabetics adversely. Our post today focuses mainly on “can diabetics have papaya?”

To lift your spirits, papaya is the safest fruit to eat while you suffer from diabetes.

Understanding The Link Between Papaya And Diabetes

Fruits consist of natural sugar, which is an active part of a healthy diet plan, and it is acceptable to consume them moderately.

  • Sugar Content In Papaya

As noted by USDA studies, one serving of fresh papaya in a cup consists of about 11 gms of sugar.

It can help answer your question, “is papaya high in sugar?”

It is perfect for diabetic people searching to limit their sugar intake to aid weight management and maintain blood pressure under the targets.

  • Glycemic Index

The glycemic index consists of the value assigned to varied foods indicating the speed at which food increases the blood sugar levels.

It is excellent for diabetics trying to maintain their blood sugar levels.

If you want to now about can diabetics have papaya then you should read our post and understand more about diabetes and papaya.

Papaya has 60 scoring for the GI or the glycemic index so that it never increases the blood sugar.

The lower GI scores range from 20 to 49, the moderate food level is from 50 to 69, and the higher score ranges from 70 to 100.

  • Some Notable Benefits

Papaya is the best choice for people suffering from diabetes due to its medium-level GI content. 

As noted through research, it has been found that papaya affects hypoglycemic levels in our bodies. Flavonoids are the primary constituents in fruits, being a rich antioxidant to aid in proper blood sugar regulations.

How To Consume A Proper Diet

You should have a healthy eating plan as it helps to keep your blood sugar under check as can help in reducing the possible risk for complications in diabetes. 

These signs include nerve damage, heart disease, and more severe issues.

You may now ask, “is papaya good for diabetes type 2?”

Yes, it is!

The other eating pattern consists of well-balanced, healthy meals to help promote better blood sugar management.

However, consuming a healthy diet can benefit individuals who are diabetic.

Always be aware of the specific fruit score on the GI score before their consumption. However, papaya and other fruits fall under the healthy diet plan.

Always select the fruits that arrive with a moderate or lower score to help avoid any blood sugar spikes.

When To Consult A Pro?

Whenever you are consuming a balanced diet, take the right kind of medications and exercise. But, consult your doctor even if your blood sugar levels are high.

Your doctor refers you to a renowned dietitian who can help you in this journey.

It includes the provision of education on healthy eating habits and positive strategies for weight loss plans.


So, can diabetics have papaya? The chronic condition of diabetes can help in regulating your blood sugar adequately. 

However, consult your physician or doctor if you find no changes, and they will suggest better medications and meal plans to help you keep your diabetes under check!