Are Cashews Good For Diabetics

Nutritionists advise including fiber- and protein-rich nuts in the diet. Are cashew nuts wealthy enough, then? Can someone with diabetes eat it? Are cashews good for diabetics

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According to a study, eating nuts like pistachios, cashews, and walnuts regularly can lower the chance of acquiring Type 2 diabetes.

Bad unsaturated fat, which is present in cashews, protects the heart, decreases cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels, and wards off problems relating to the heart.

Nutrient Value For Cashew Nuts

  • Indians frequently eat whole cashew nuts (Kaju), powdered (Kaju), or desserts and sweets made with these kidney-shaped seeds.
  • Cashew nuts have a 22 glycemic index rating. Cashews provide a lot of good fats but little carbs. Twenty-eight grams of cashews include about 9 grams of carbs, 5 grams of protein, 12 grams of lipids, and 1 gram of fiber. 
  • Oleic acid, a kind of fat found in cashews, raises HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). So, do cashews raise blood sugar?

Cashew Nut Benefits For Diabetes

An investigation has shown a beneficial relationship between cashew nuts and diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, cashews can significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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It helps raise HDL cholesterol levels and decreases blood pressure. Also, there is no proof that cashew nuts cause weight gain or harm glucose levels.

Cashew nuts’ high-fat content is good for the heart and prevents blood sugar rises. It assists in reducing insulin levels and guarding against Type 2 diabetes.

Ways To Eat Cashew Nuts

Cashews are a versatile nut, and the best methods of consumption include:

  • Cashew nuts may be used to make cheese without dairy.
  • It will be tasty and guilt-free for you to enjoy in honey-roasted cashews with coconut spread.
  • Salads, yogurt, oatmeal, and desserts may all be made with it.
  • Dairy products can be substituted with cashew milk and butter.

How Often And In What Amounts Should You Eat?

How many cashews can a diabetic eat in a day? Anytime is suitable for eating them. The heart benefits from the protein and heart-healthy fat present in cashew cashews. 

The most significant time to eat them is in the evening since they improve immunity and stamina and make a healthy snack. You can eat up to 10 cashew nuts each day without becoming sick.

Risks Associated With Cashew Nut Consumption

It contains a fair amount of oxalate, which can lead to conditions like kidney stones. Therefore, limiting your intake to one ounce every day is important. 

It may be an advantageous link between cashews and diabetes to have it with milk since the calcium may help minimize oxalate absorption.

Due to their high caloric value, cashew nuts are especially dangerous for diabetics since they can result in weight gain, dehydration, and joint swelling when consumed in large amounts.

Additional Health Advantages Of Cashew Nuts

  • Cashew nuts contain antioxidants that may lower the chance of developing cancer.
  • Diet, especially nuts, may aid in lowering the chance of gaining weight.
  • Copper and magnesium in large quantities in cashew nuts aid bone strength.
  • Skin and hair benefit from cashews.
  • They may lower blood pressure and are particularly beneficial to heart health.


Are cashews good for diabetics? Cashews are loaded with vitamins and minerals, making them incredibly healthful, so they are good for diabetics. 

It’s time to put past views to rest and use cashew nuts and other nuts for diabetics. If you see any odd behavior, schedule a visit with your doctor.